HOW TO Design YOUR Unique Christmas Clothes- Garment Vinyl, Heat Press Vinyl

christmas dog on tshirt


This Christmas many people want to design their own Seasonally Festive Clothes, whether this is an amusing Christmas T-Shirt slogan or a full blown Yuletide Jumper with Reindeer and flashing Rudolph noses, the accomplished SIGN MAKER can be resourceful and either use Easy Print VINYL from the SOLVENT DIGITAL PRINTING MEDIA range of products or just opt for the HEAT TRANSFER VINYL (HTV) also commonly referred to as HOT FLEX ULTRA which is cut on the Vinyl Plotter, as with Sign writing but in reverse, (see Blog on HOW to cut and heat press Garment Vinyl) and then with the use of a HEAT PRESS is applied to the GARMENT.


The DIGITAL MEDIA PRINTING VINYL which The Vinyl Corporation supply is called EASI PRINT, this is a particularly Durable and yet Flexible Vinyl that is printed with the SIGN MAKING EQUIPMENT and once the DECAL or Printed area has been closely cut around it is aligned on the chosen Garment with the assistance of GARMENT APPLICATION TAPE which is then HEAT PRESSED onto the garment, ensuring that the correct temperature and length of pressing time is maintained in accordance with the DIGITAL MEDIA SPECIFICATION and instruction sheet to achieve the best possible results for this project.


This is still the most popular and effective method of branding or decorating a garment, from a T-shirt to a Hoodie or Sports bag, with a VINYL STICKER that will adhere and remain attached to the garment. Whether this is TEAM KIT branding or a Hen Night Pink slogan on a T-shirt the method of application is still the same, these can be referred to either on the HOT FLEX ultra page of The Vinyl Corporation web site or on the “HOW TO” BLOG for Garment and Heat Press Vinyl applications.The choice of VINYL FOR GARMENTS is expanding all the time, there are now options for GLITTER, SPARKLE, HOLOGRAPHIC or even GLOW IN THE DARK PHOTOLUMINESCENT VINYL that can create some outstanding results – in the right hands!


Whether you have decided to PRINT AND CUT the vinyl from the DIGITAL MEDIA COLLECTION or selected the FLOCK or FLEX VINYL the application is straightforward and if the step by step instructions are followed to the letter there will be a happy outcome – the crucial point is alignment, because once the TRANSFER is aligned and the HEAT PRESS comes down – this is the moment of truth, when that extra bit of time in the preparation stage and laying it out, checking with a ruler! will pay off and prevent the stress of an “Offset Logo”  . . .

Fitting Tips 

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