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How to Apply Self Adhesive Vinyl

calendered vinyl rolls

Self-adhesive vinyl is used widely in the sign-making business, but has many other decorative applications. From interior walls to exhibition stands, windows or vehicles, self-adhesive vinyl can be used to inject a bit of personality or reinforce your brand and corporate identity. Although some types of self-adhesive vinyl can be easily removed if you make […]

Your guide to choosing the right type of vinyl for your signs

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Vinyl is widely used in the sign-making industry. There are many types of vinyl, and each comes with a unique quality that makes it better for use in some situations than others. However, regardless of the type, vinyl is ideal for sign-making because of its durability. It can last for around five years when used […]

WHAT IS SOLVENT DIGITAL PRINTING? INKS ? MEDIA or VINYL? . . . . Everything you wanted to know, But . . . . . . .

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PRINT MEDIA FOR SOLVENT INKJET PRINTERS Prior to examining the type of media that should be used as the substrate it is imperative to assess the type of INK that is to be sprayed through the PRINT HEADS on the SOLVENT INKJET PRINTER.There are many varieties of ink used for DIGITAL PRINTING from SOLVENT, ECOSOLVENT, […]