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Sign Making Vinyl – Vinyl Sign Making Supplies UK

Sign Making Suppliers UK The Concept of Vinyl Signmaking is believed to have started about seventy years ago, but commercially manufactured plasticised materials were far too brittle to stay attached to railway and Road Vehicles, so the PVC decals and graphics in the format that we would recognise today really became mainstream in the 1980’s […]

Vinyl Wrap: Vehicle Wraps/ Automotive Wraps

Avery Supreme Wrapping Film

Vehicle Wraps An Automotive Vinyl Wrap can take several forms: the Automotive Colour Change, where the desire is to change the paint effect, colour or texture – in the case of Carbon Fibre Wrapping film. Or the Wide Format Digitally Printed Vehicle Wrap, which promotes and projects the Corporate Branding, as a Mobile Hoarding or […]

What types of printing systems exist – Which is the most suitable Method?

vinyl printer

Conventional Printing – There are FOUR main printing methods Planographics Where the print and non-print areas are on the same plane surface, with the difference between these areas being maintained by physical or chemical properties, the examples of these are OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY, COLLOTYPE and SCREENLESS PRINTING There are a wide variety of printing techniques, some […]

TOP SIX TIPS on “How to successfully Wrap a Vehicle”

avery red vinyl on car

VEHICLE WRAPPING Whether you have chosen to colour change a vehicle, or apply a full colour Solvent Digitally printed Wrap, the process and method are still the same in order to complete a successful Vinyl Wrap – Here are “SIX OF THE BEST” Tips for all Vinyl WrappersSTEP 1   PLAN, MEASURE and CHECK Estimating […]