Oracal 651 Gloss vinyl 

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 Are you seeking for permanent vinyl with a glossy finish and a wide range of hues and shades? Then you should consider using Oracal 651 Gloss Vinyl. It features 25mm thick vinyl film with pressure-sensitive adhesive that is ideal for application to both flat and curved surfaces.    

The Cricut, Cameo, and Brother Scan & Cut Craft Cutting Machines are all fully compatible with the Oracal 651. You owe it to yourself to give Oracal 651 a try if you’re still using “craft” products. Crafters have made it the world’s #1 brand of sticker vinyl for making decals, signage, bumper stickers, on glassware, and so much more because of its excellent quality and simplicity of cutting and weeding.   

The 2.5 mil, intermediate calendared PVC film Oracal 651 has great dimensional stability, excellent cutting and application qualities, and is made of PVC. featuring a transparent, solvent-based, permanent adhesive that clings to all smooth, non-absorbent surfaces remarkably effectively.  


  • It is ideal for the majority of product decoration and crafting tasks and is designed for short to medium-term usage. It offers a wide variety of matt and gloss hues as well as a permanent adhesive.   
  • Glossy Oracal 651   
  • Accessible in 59 Gloss colours, one of which is clear.   
  • Waterproof – Items can be hand-washed once 24-48 hours have passed for the glue to fully cure.   
  • Simple to Weed and Cut.   
  • Compatible Silhouette, Cricut, and other craft cutting tools.   
  • Durability indoors: limitless   
  • Outdoor Durability: 5 years + (transparent, coloured, and metallic) and 5 years (black/white).   

The silicone-coated paper used in the release liner makes for optimum weeding conditions and makes it easier to remove the vinyl from the liner.   

Vehicle graphics, ceramics/china and glass, metal, smooth wood, canvas, home goods, windows, some plastics, business graphics, house signs, stencils, and many other decorative uses are just a few examples of suitable applications.  


F.A.Q | the vinyl corporation

What can be done using oracal 651?   Oracal 651 - the vinyl corporation

Its toughness and resistance to the elements make it the perfect material for outdoor signs and decals, and its glossy finish gives it a polished and professional appearance. Additionally, the vinyl can be utilised for indoor signs such as window graphics and wall decorations. Automotive graphics are also frequently made with Oracal 651 vinyl.  

Oracal 651 can be used to embellish mugs, cups, and drink bottles of many shapes and finishes (stainless steel is a great material to work on). Additionally, it can be used to adorn kitchen storage containers, walls, cutting machines, plaques, windows (including automobile windows), and shadow boxes.  


Do I have to mirror the image to be cut?   

Do not reverse the image. With tweezers or a weeding tool, remove the extra material. Application tape should be cut to the desired size for your design. Apply the adhesive side of the application tape to the vinyl after removing the backing.  


How long does it take for oracal 651 to cure?   

Although Oracal 651 is permanent, it can take up to 48 hours for it to fully attach, so give yourself some time before washing and using.   


Does Oracal 651 have two sides?   

When it comes to sticky vinyl, Oracal 651 is the industry standard. The ideal craft vinyl for creating labels, stickers, decals, and signage for use inside and outside. incredibly strong and long-lasting. Two-sided, vivid colour.  


Which transfer tape is most compatible with the Oracal 651?   

Oracal vinyl pairs nicely with tape. It works best with Oracal 651 and Oracal 751, as well as Oramask, as transfer tape. You can use this product even if you never use Oracal vinyl as long as you have a good scraper.   


651 vinyl, is it durable?     

Vinyl with a permanent adhesive backing and a protective paper backing is called Oracal 651. This vinyl can be used for windows, automobile decals, signage, stencils,the vinyl coporation- vinyl wholesellers in uk scrapbooking, and any other permanent application. All personal hobby and craft cutters are compatible with it.



Can glass be treated with oracal 651?      

Uses of Oracal 651 Vinyl that are most common are for vehicles, glass and ceramic items, striking labels that are both decorative and informative can be made.   


How do you make vinyl on a wine glass lay flat?   Use blue tack to make your wine glass lay flat - the vinyl corporation

Rubbin’ alcohol works well, but be sure to wait until it is completely dry before applying vinyl. Put blue tack, a pillow, or a rice bag under the wine glass as a helpful tip for applying vinyl to a curved surface.  As long as the wine glass is placed on it, it works perfectly and helps keep it from shifting.  



How can you improve the adhesion of vinyl on glass?

Vinyl on glass can be sealed with Mod Podge. Additionally, it is utilised to create customised photo canvases and glittery items.   


Why are there bubbles in my vinyl on glass?  

The manner the decal is applied can occasionally be the cause of air bubbles. As a general rule, when you peel the sticker to attach it to the surface of your product, make sure to do so gently, exerting a consistent amount of pressure as you proceed from one side to the other.  

  oracal 651-instructions - the vinyl corporation

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