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The Vinyl Corporation has been providing sign making vinyl Supplies and have been the leading Sign makers vinyl Supplier for over 30 years and the industry that is based on Signage and Corporate Branding has changed remarkably in the past few years, with the Digital revolution changing from hand bench screen printing methods to LARGE FORMAT SOLVENT PRINTING, this can be Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV or Latex digital printing media.When print and cut techniques are used then APPLICATION PAPER OR TAPE is employed to hold the spacing of the pre cut vinyl lettering and logos in position prior to them being affixed to the desired substrate.Application Paper for Vinyl can be supplied by The Vinyl Corporation in various different tack levels, so if it is a fine detail graphic with small lettering and fine serifs then a high tac Vinyl application paper will be used whereas if it is a large display or promotional Vinyl decal to be affixed to a shop or showroom window then a low tac setting up paper or application tape will be used.


When Easy Print is used as the chosen Digital Media for Solvent Printing and the printed Graphic is then cut to shape before applying the HEAT TRANSFER VINYL then in order to hold all the pieces of the Vinyl Lettering and logos together the Garment Application Tape is used to ensure that all the pre spaced gaps and letters remain true and correct registration is retained throughout the HEAT PRESS proccess


Application Tape refers to the Clear masking tape, which looks similar to thicker Selotape, this Vinyl covering TAPE is ideal for when the graphic is to be layered with several different colous on the same Decal for example Motorbike Badges and decals where similar colours such as Grey, Black and dark blue have to be laid upto each other with perfect registration, to enable this level of precision it is important to be able to “See through” the PREMASK or masking tape, The Vinyl Corporation as SIGN TRADE SUPPLIERS would recommend the PTI Application Tape and for more elaborate WALL ART GRAPHICS the “Q-TAPE” Clear Application Tape will be suggested


There are many varied Vinyl Application papers on the market and they have different tac strengths and different propensity to tear when being used, Most SIGN MAKERS when covering their vinyl SIGNS will choose a paper with enough Grab to release the ADHESIVE VINYL SIGN from the release paper, or backing paper so a medium tac PERFECT TEAR 575 will work well so that the FABLON or STICKY BACK PLASTIC can be removed from the Silicone Release liner and applied to the SIGN BOARD after preparing the area with AVERY SURFACE CLEANER.Should the VINYL FILM be cut into Vinyl Signs for future use and to be stored The Vinyl Corporation would highly recommend that CONFORM 4075 RLA with the “LAY FLAT” quality made by R-TAPE is the very best choice from the SIGN WRITING SUPPLIES catalogue.