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Within the range of products that are stocked for SIGN MAKERS VINYL SUPPLIES and utilised in many ways by SIGN TRADE SUPPLIERS are a wide variety of different PRE MASK TAPES, these are primarily to keep the spacing of the lettering and CUT VINYL Logos, indeed it is sometimes referred to as PRE SPACING TAPE or SETTING UP TAPE as it retains the kerning and layout of VINYL LETTERING as it was intended. Another reason to use APPLICATION TAPE FOR VINYL GRAPHICS is to give the GRAPHIC rigidity when being handled and applied, but the added benefit of using LOW TACK CLEAR APPLICATION TAPE when fitting DIGITAL PRINTS and DIGITALLY PRINTED GRAPHICS is that the VINYL TRANSFER TAPE will protect the VINYL IMAGE that has been printed, while it is being transported, rolled and SQUEEGEED, even with the use of a MACTAC FELT SQUEEGEE or the very popular NEW BLUE PRO FELT SQUEEGEE, it is very important not to scratch the PRINTED GRAPHICS.


The Vinyl Corporation will generally recommend a HIGH TACK CLEAR APPLICATION TAPE for the masking of WALL ART GRAPHICS as these are usually manufactured from MATT VINYL, this will require a stronger adhesive to remove the graphic from the RELEASE LINER,but Not so strong as to remove paint off the wall or substrate that the VINYL DECAL is being applied to.


Should the graphic not be releasing from the SILICONE RELEASE LINER easily, this can be very frustrating and can be the result of being cut too deeply, and rupturing the silicone coating on the BACKING PAPER or the VINYL GRAPHICS might have got damp, or stored too long. If the DECALS have become damp, or even wet during transport, then the silicone release lining will separate and the SELF ADHESIVE VINYL will adhere to the backing paper and prove very awkward to remove. Should any of the above occur then “FLIP IT OVER” that is to say take your NEW BLUE PRO FELT SQUEEGEE and give the face of the decal a very good SQUEEGEEING using moderate to hard force and the flip it over and peel the backing paper off the GRAPHIC at 180 degrees, that is to roll it back on itself, rather than pulling it at 90 degrees towards yourself – If this is done carefully and patiently using your AUTOLOCK TRIMMING KNIFE to assist the letters from the release liner . . . this should set them free and ready to apply, with the SELF ADHESIVE VINYL stuck face first to the CLEAR VINYL APPLICATION TAPE and the STICKY BACK the FABLON or VINYL ready to apply after thoroughly preparing the surface, which in some cases involves the use of AVERY SURFACE CLEANER which is highly recommended as an excellent product.


This will depend on the application, if the VINYL DECALS are VEHICLE MARKINGS or are to be shipped to a member of the public then the CLEAR TAPE PT1 application tape should be used, certainly for the production of MOTORBIKE or BIKE GRAPHICS then Q-TAPE CLEAR TAPE or the PT1 will be recommended so the client can see the graphics and the manufacturer can get the registration and overlay of colours exactly lined up.The Q-TAPE CLEAR TAPE has an embossed surface, this gives it more rigidity and body when handling the decals and also reduces the level of static charge that might be attracted to the CLEAR VINYL APPLICATION TAPE when being used.