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The Vinyl Corporation have been supplying Sign Making Vinyl and CAR WINDOW TINT for over 30 years and in that time span the technology, range and application methods have changed remarkably , TOOLS for Window TINTING will depend on the method that you employ when TINTING WINDOWS, should you be fitting tint to an office partition or large Showroom window then the method of applying the Tint is very different from fitting a rear window tint in a Volkswagen Sirocco at this point one should refer to our BLOG page on “HOW TO FIT WINDOW TINT” this covers flat glass applications and complex curves, for extra information there are lots of helpful clips on You tube showing which TINTING TOOLS to use, but as long as you have AVERY TOOLS and the AVERY PRO SQUEEGEE to hand as well as a good “AUTOLOCK” snap off knife which can be found on The Vinyl Corporation “ACCESSORIES” page, the rest of what you need is Skill, time and patience! any further help or hints can be obtained from the support desk at The Vinyl Corporation – Free of Charge!