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ORACAL the VINYL Market Brand Leader

When it comes to an analysis of ALL the Premium brand SELF ADHESIVE VINYL FILM available on the market in the UK today, of which there are many, some are ideally suited to certain sectors and Niche market applications. However, having compared and contrasted, tested, applied and distributed more than any other multi-brand distribution outlet in the UK over the past Thirty Years, THE VINYL CORPORATION can conclude that for range, Quality, consistency and dependability the “Go To Vinyl” is  ORACAL vinyl film manufactured by ORAFOL. Their Global Headquarters are based in a 165,000 Square Meter factory outside Berlin in Oranienburg, where the products are developed, produced and distributed across Five Continents.


ORACAL self-adhesive CAD/CAM PLOTTER FILM produce an ECONOMY RANGE of ORACAL vinyl films from the  631 MATT VINYL which is largely used for producing  VINYL WALL ART and the 640 /641 ranges that can be utilised in EXHIBITION DISPLAY GRAPHICS and short-term promotional VINYL DECALS. However, the Ubiquitous ORACAL 651 is the vinyl of choice throughout the Sign Trade and SIGN MAKING Industry, as it has a broad spectrum appeal, it is soft enough to weed and apply and yet a cost effective alternative to some of the higher specification POLYMERIC  vinyl films on offer, such as the ORACAL 551 vinyl film, so whether it is shop window graphics, VAN SIGNS, or just general signage where a good colour range is required and the performance to price ratio is important the The Vinyl Corporation will usually recommend the use of ORACAL 651 VINYL film for the project.


When it comes to deciding which vinyl film to use for a particular application there are several criteria that have to be addressed, prior to deciding which VINYL FILM to opt for: is the correct shade of the required colour available in the range? is it manufactured wide enough?( Most ORACAL VINYL ROLLS are produced at 1260mm x 50m – whereas if a bonnet is to be covered without joins, then the 1524mm ORACAL 970RA could be considered as an option) but the most important question is – Will this material adhere to the surface and remain there, for the required duration? When we are addressing MARINE GRAPHICS other than colour changing or PRINTED VINYL WRAPS, generally the ORACAL 751

is the first “Port of call” as this is a very forgiving and pliable CAST VINYL , Should the surface be particularly challenging with a textured finish or complex compound curves, rivets, recesses or deep channels then the Ultimate PREMIUM CAST VINYL will be employed, this will be the ORACAL 951 which The Vinyl Corporation are proud to stock and distribute in the UK and Europe.


ORAFOL manufacture a whole range of World Class Self Adhesive Vinyl Films, whether this is for SIGNS and SIGN MAKING SUPPLIES or general applications in Industry, commerce or domestically, However one of the” stand out “products that are manufactured under the name of ORAMASK  is the ORACAL 810 paint mask stencil film that is an 80 micron TRANSLUSCENT matt grey, flexible, LOW TACK, self-adhesive masking film that can be used for brushing or spraying, leaving a clean, sharp edge on removal.Other notable products that are produced by ORAFOL are the 451 BANNER VINYL and the 6510 and the cast 7510 FLUORESCENT, high visibility vinyl that is often used in conjunction with the ORALITE REFLECTIVE VINYL when producing the Red Reflective and Yellow Fluorescent CHEVRONS on the rear of motorway service vehicle to comply with the CHAPTER 8 regulations.


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When selecting the best DIGITAL PRINTING MEDIA for use on a SOLVENT, ECO-SOLVENT, UV or LATEX printer there are several salient factors that have to be borne in mind to make the correct selection and ensuring the best possible outcome for a particular project, The expected Duration of the PRINTED VINYL GRAPHICS that are being produced, The Width of the area to be covered, the surface and placement of the particular substrate that the VINYL GRAPHICS are being applied to. For an example, Printed WALL ART and Murals or EXHIBITION GRAPHICS should favour the use of ORAJET 3164 MATT finish, or if these DISPLAY GRAPHICS are going to be exposed to high volumes of traffic and “Wear and Tear” then the ORAJET 3164 should be used with the corresponding 3164 MATT LAMINATE, as this will extend the surface life of the display and prevent light being “bounced off” the printed surface and make the display more visible and easier on the eye.Should the SIGN MAKER be looking to produce short-term PROMOTIONAL SIGNS such as demonstrator or courtesy car VINYL DECALS for the motor trade, then the ORAJET 3162 with the corresponding ORACAL 3162 MATT CLEAR (TRANSPARENT) VINYL should be utilised, as this a REMOVABLE VINYL.However, the ORACAL 3164 is available in many guises from GLOSS, MATT, WHITE, CLEAR, TRANSPARENT or even with a  GREY ADHESIVE to enhance the films opacity, it is also available in a wide variety of widths, most popularly are 760mm, 1370mm, 1520MM, 1600MM and Two Meters, these are all available from stock for next day delivery from The Vinyl Corporation. There are a variety of grades of SOLVENT DIGITAL PRINT VINYL available to suit ALL applications, from the ORAJET 3651, 3551, 3751 with the corresponding OVER LAMINATES, The Jewel in the crown of the ORACAL range is the PREMIUM CAST WRAPPING VINYL the 3951 Rapid Air

this is the ultimate choice for a full digitally printed VEHICLE WRAP – ENGINEERED TO PERFORM BETTER!

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