Aqueous Inkjet Printing Vinyl

What is an Aqueous Printer ?

An Aqueous inkjet printer is one that uses water based inks which have a mixture of Dye or Pigment within the water to produce the colours, these water based inks can deliver a better image quality on paper or canvas than the Solvent ink, but sometimes the Aqueous Printer will be required to print Vinyl labels, graphics or decals.

Is my printer an Inkjet or a Laser copier?

If your printer has one single long cartridge, then it is a Laser Copier, which The Vinyl Corporation do sell A4 white and clear sheets for the Laser copier.Should your printer have four or more cartridges with Cyan, Magenta,Yellow and Black markings on them, then this is an Inkjet Printer.Luckily The Vinyl Corporation stock self adhesive Vinyl for Aqueous non solvent inkjet printers ,this is in convenient roll sizes to suit whichever model of Epson, HP, Kodak or Canon you have in your office or home , this is the DM4 M1917 for the Matt vinyl and the DM4G3585 for the Gloss Vinyl as well as the Orajet 3164-000 which can be utilised as a protective laminate.

Can I Print on Vinyl with my Inkjet Printer?

The short answer is “Yes” as long as you purchase the correct Inkjet Vinyl , this being the DM4M1917 for a Matt finish or the DM4G3585 for a gloss finish, other CAD CAM vinyl such as the ORACAL 651 or AVERY 500 series will not receive the ink on these uncoated surfaces, so the inkjet will deliver the ink but it will bleed and not dry, as these vinyl products are waterproof and it will require a solvent ink to adhere to the surface of this category of Vinyl.

Can I make Car Stickers and Graphics on my Inkjet Printer?

On a daily basis the dedicated help desk at The Vinyl Corporation receives several calls asking if the Aqueous Non Solvent Inkjet printer can be used to produce car decals, if DM4M1917 or DM4G3585 is used  and we very strongly recommend that this is over laminated with the ORAJET 3164 to protect the graphics from Ultra Violet bombardment and petrol, otherwise one will end up with All White Graphics as the water based ink will disappear.Short term laminated graphics can be produced in this way, clearly longer lasting results would be achieved if the graphics are for interior applications.

What Size Self Adhesive Vinyl rolls are available?

The Vinyl Corporation stock a vast selection of sizes and finishes in both the DM4M1917 the DM4G3585 and also the ORACAL and ORAJET Laminates , just call the dedicated help desk on 0115 930 1133 or email your enquiry to these products are available to purchase online at our webshop