Architectural Wrapping Films

bathroom vinyl wrapping film
This isn’t just a Wrap for Christmas……This is a Professional Architectural Vinyl Wrapping Film!
The Vinyl Corporation has been supplying self adhesive architectural wrapping film in wood grain effect, marble, stone, leather and textile vinyl to the interior decoration and furniture market for over thirty five years. Until recently, these films have been basic “Fablon” self adhesive vinyl products with restricted applications due to the nature and production methods of these films, fortunately vinyl production techniques have improved dramatically and with the Air Release systems being applied to permanent, solvent based adhesives on a mailable face film it has enabled the interior designers, architects and retail shop fitters to promote a wider selection of finishes, textures and effects. Which Architectural Wrapping Film to choose?

The Vinyl Corporation has researched a wide variety of interior wrapping films for television studios, kitchen installers, interior designers, marine architects and suppliers into the domestic market, having stocked and still having access to the full range of Quality architectural wrapping films from 3M Di-NOC, Cover Styl’, Avery, MACTAC, Belbien. However, the LG HAUSYS BENIF’s extensive range of premium quality products and huge variety of special surface effects is the overall Go To architectural wrapping vinyl, with ease of application and the fire safety rating that theatres, shopping centres and similar indoor settings now require the LG HAUSYS Architectural Wrapping Film is the most appropriate choice.

Which is the Best Architectural Wrapping Film?

The Vinyl Corporation offers a wide choice of wrapping films for many different purposes from vehicle wrapping where the AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM or the ubiquitous ORACAL 970RA are considered to be the market leaders through to the Printable Wrapping Films where the Avery MPi 1105 or the ORAJET 3951 RA Proslide with the 290f Laminate can provide a superb basis for wrapping, interestingly these wrapping vinyl films can be used in conjunction with the LG HAUSYS Architectural Wrapping Film to produce stunning results internally or in some cases externally.

Why Choose LG HAUSYS Architectural Wrapping Film?

The benefits for a professional vinyl installer purchasing the LG HAUSYS architectural wrapping films from The Vinyl Corporation are firstly the knowledge that this is a guaranteed quality and certified product being CE marked and fire tested to the very latest standards and approved by Lloyd’s register. In addition to this LG HAUSYS Architectural Wrapping Films have established an environmental and safety management system to provide high quality products and services meeting both the ISO14001 and the ISO 9001.Secondly,the realistically embossed surface of the wrapping film is solvent printable and will conform to complex three dimensional curves. Thirdly the Air Release technology avoids bubbling and facilitates a smooth and fast, efficient application massively reducing the downtime and so reducing the costs and increasing the profitability of the installation.

Is it Hygienic to use Architectural Wrapping Film?

The LG HAUSYS Architectural Wrapping Film is an easy clean surface, which is durable and scuff resistant making it the ideal material for toilet cubicles and lifts.

How Cost effective is it to choose Wrapping Vinyl?

The prime benefit for a client to choose LG HAUSYS Architectural Wrapping Film as opposed to having various trades engaged and coordinating carpenters, painters and decorators is that the installation time is reduced by a huge amount without the attendant smell, noise and moisture as well as substantially reducing the final fit out costing, should any further information or specification sheets be required please do not hesitate to contact The Vinyl Corporation’s dedicated help desk on 0115 930 1133 or email any enquiries to

Can LG HAUSYS be used on Flat pack furniture?

Yes, whether it is older furniture that needs a new lease of life or new furniture from a Swedish outlet store, the LG HAUSYS Architectural Wrapping Film will certainly fulfil the users requirements, the only caveat to this is that untreated or raw MDF will need to be sealed with a primer to increase the adhesive bond to the substrate.

LG HAUSYS Silver Etched Glass effect Vinyl

The Vinyl Corporation recommend that the ideal complement to the LG HAUSYS Architectural Wrapping Film is the LG HAUSYS Window Etched Vinyl to reduce glare and increase privacy throughout public and private settings. Some interior designers and architects have successfully combined ORACAL 8300 Transparent coloured Vinyl along with the textile architectural wrapping films to a good effect, producing a warm and inviting hospitable area for business or relaxation, the options and possibilities are limited only by the designers imagination.