Avery Supreme Wrapping Film


The Vinyl Corporation has had a long and close working relationship supplying FASSON superscreen 400 and FASSON 900 CAST CAR STRIPING TAPES  in the early 1980’s through to the very latest technology in the DOL 1400Z and AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILMS , still mainly centred on the automotive customisation market. However, through the past thirty five years the standard and consistency of the AVERY DENNISON VINYL/ FASSON VINYL product range has been outstanding along with the fast evolving aspects of the road signage and safety film market where AVERY DENNISON has been one of the main innovators, with a clear and well defined channel to market that The Vinyl Corporation has been more than happy to supply through the UK, continental Europe and the USA stock and supply chains – so achieving the best and most diverse range of quality AVERY VINYL products available for our customers on a Global stage.


Why? you may wonder should an organisation that supplies and will continue supplying the AVERY 900 SUPERCAST VINYL have a clearance sale to liquidate ‘000’s of meters of 1230mm wide AVERY 900 SERIES VINYL when it is current stock in good condition? the answer is simply stock control and promotion of a very versatile vinyl film which will enable The Vinyl Corporation to replenish their warehouses with more stock and a wider range of materials, also many sign makers are worried about having to lay out large sums of their hard earned capital on stock that they might not use for months on end, until the right job turns up – well this has given some of the more progressive, but still not large sign makers the opportunity to put in a reasonable range of popular colours, still able to purchase one meter at a time ! but at only £5 pm rather than £20 pm so some who are covering Mini roofs or partially wrapping a van can have a great selection of PREMIUM HIGH PERFORMANCE VINYL at a reasonable cost.This is a limited time and range offer strictly on a first come, first served basis and when the allocated promotional stockholding has gone the offer will end  . . .

AVERY 900 SUPERCAST VINYL specification

Avery Dennison 900 Supercast is available in 83 GLOSS colours and Matt Black and White Vinyl, it is a high performance 50 micron thick cast vinyl that will conform to the most complex curves and it has been engineered to have a low initial tack adhesive, allowing the vinyl to be easily repositioned and when the pressure is applied from the installers squeegee the adhesive will fully activate and cure over the following 48 hours, leaving a vinyl graphic that will be stable and maintain a sharp appearance for the next 12 years on an external vertical application.


For a printed wrap the AVERY MPI 1105 with the EASY APPLY RS adhesive technology with it’s AIR EGRESS capabilities is the “GO TO PRINTING WRAP VINYL”  but for the straight forward colour change vehicle wrap, then the AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM , with the air release system is the premium vehicle wrapping film available on the market today with an ever expanding colour range and it’s easy to use bubble free application makes the professional vehicle wrapper choose the AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM  everytime!