AVERY VINYL WRAP – Everything you wanted to know!!



Avery Vinyl Wrap – everything you wanted to know!

“A Brief History”

Where and When Did SELF ADHESIVE STICKERS and LABELS start?

Ray Stanton AVERY
Ray Stanton AVERY


Self adhesive labelling for information and pricing can trace its origins back to the mid 1930’s in California when Ray Stanton AVERY produced the first Self Adhesive die cut Labelling machine, this was a combination of used machine parts and a Saber Saw .The first incarnation from “Stan the stickerman” as he was known in Downtown Los Angeles in 1935 was “Kum-Kleen Products” but this unusual branding  was changed to Avery Adhesives in 1938 this was the first REMOVABLE adhesive label making it ideal for product information display, identifying product parts as well as promotions and pricing information, then to remove these price tags without leaving adhesive behind.

FASSON self adhesive range
In 1954 the AVERY PAPER COMPANY incorporated as Fasson and in 1958 changed the branding to AVERY ADHESIVE PRODUCTS. Avery had many divisions and operated in many countries. The first experience of these products in the UK was the FASSON self adhesive range, this was the ubiquitous FASSON 400 Superscreen which dominated the screen printing and die cutting base material market in the early 1980’s.
Self adhesive products were really expanding in their applications and uses through the early 1980’s with large markets in Postage Stamps, Sales stickers, ingredient labelling, pricing but probably much more importantly Decals, Car Stripes and Graphics.


The Vinyl Corporation have had the privilege and pleasure of supplying Avery self-adhesive vinyl products for over thirty-five years, during which time the screen printing and die cutting production of vehicle graphics and liveries have changed immeasurably.
Now Avery offers one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of Sign Making Vinyl in the UK market.
AVERY 500 Matt or Gloss Vinyl
There is an excellent colour range within this series of vinyl, for shorter-term external or for internal graphics and wall art, it is the “Go-To” vinyl of choice for exhibition and point of sale displays. The Vinyl Corporation have the largest stockholding of this product, ready for next day dispatch.

AVERY 700 and 777 Sign Vinyl

AVERY 700 and 777 Sign Vinyl

The extensive colour choices and extremely good exterior durability of these particular vinyl products make them a firm favourite with the sign makers who specialise in fleet livery and need a consistently reliable vinyl that can perform even in varying climatic conditions, but the outstanding feature other than application performance is the vast choice of shades available.


When it comes to superlatives the Avery 900 meets and exceeds all expectations on difficult compound curves and rivets, just as it’s predecessor did with the Fasson 900 which then morphed into the “Supercast” prior to the Avery vinyl wrap 900 series that we supply and respect today, some shades are being deleted from the range so it’s worth visiting the clearance section of www.thevinylcorporation.co.uk or call the dedicated help desk on 0115 930 1133 and one of the friendly ladies will be able to assist you with your choice of this highly engineered media.


Car covered in vinyl

The Vinyl Corporation considers that there are certain products within the AVERY DIGITAL PRINTING MEDIA line up that are market leaders in their class, these are mainly based around the SELF ADHESIVE VINYL range from the shorter-term MPi 3000 range with the corresponding DOL 2860 lamination film, depending on whether a GLOSS or MATT finish is required.

MPi 2800 Range

This is a good workable 7year life Polymeric vinyl that is still seventy-five microns thick and when used in conjunction with the DOL 210 laminate can handle smoother curves and maintain good characteristics without shrinking, the final result will really depend upon good fitting techniques and the durability and appearance over time will largely depend on the usage of good quality proprietary brand inks to hold their colour and vibrancy.

Car covered in multicoloured vinyl

MPi 1105 Speedmaster EA

The Easy Apply air release system was pioneered and developed by Avery and 3m by using channels to allow the trapped air to escape and not form bubbles, increasing the speed of dry fitting and producing a professional finish every time, so the extra cost spent on materials was recouped several times over with savings on time, scrappage and labour costs.

vinyl covered orange car


colour chart of chrome- vinyl

The Avery vinyl wrap is an 80-micron permanent transparent acrylic long-term removable adhesive with easy apply technology. The Avery supreme wrapping film has excellent 3D technology which enables faster installations. The Avery Car wrap is suitable for applications on different vehicles. The Avery Dennison Conform Chrome has excellent 3D conformability on convex and concave shapes and has repositionable technology which enables faster installations. The Avery Dennison Conform Chrome is suitable for all applications including vehicle wraps.

vinyl covered silver car