The Benefits of using Vinyl Wraps in your Business

process of wrapping a car

Vehicle vinyl wraps are a great way of strengthening branding, increasing your professional image and increasing awareness of your company when on the move.

To show you the advantages, our experts have picked their five biggest benefits of vinyl wraps.

  1. Attention-grabbing

Vinyl wraps are incredibly attention-grabbing. Colourful and creative wraps will naturally engage and capture attention wherever your vehicle goes. With vinyl wraps, your vehicles will also act as miniature, portable and memorable billboards for your company. Drawing attention, the wraps make an important and memorable part of your marketing.


  1. Attract new customers

When travelling, your vehicle can be seen by thousands of people every day.  With vinyl wraps, this creates an amazing about of exposure and brand awareness for your company, particularly within local and frequently-travelled areas. With memorable vinyl wraps, the exposure can lead to more customers for your company. Some customers may even prefer this way of advertising, finding it less obtrusive in their daily lives than other forms such as radio advertisements or billboards.


  1. Cost effective

Vinyl wraps are a cost-effective way of advertising your business and are cheaper than spray painting your vehicles. Unlike other forms of advertising, your business doesn’t need to pay for advertising space or time. Instead, you just need one upfront payment for the vinyl. You can also change the vinyl wraps as little or often as you want. Without changing them, vinyl wraps will last an average of five years.


  1. Protection

Vinyl wraps can also be used to offer your vehicle some protection from scratches or small debris. Vinyl wraps can also be easily and safely removed from a vehicle without scratching the paintwork. This makes it easy to return or sell-on vehicles and saves any additional cost of painting the vehicle back to its original colour.


  1. Creative

Vinyl wraps can be used to make some truly unique and creative designs. Take the vinyl wrap of this bus by the National Geographic Channel as an example. Using the image of a shark with an open jaw, this vinyl wrap is visually striking and memorable for everyone that witnesses it. By having the shark’s teeth on the doors of the bus, the wrap also makes it seem that its jaws are opening up to swallow the passengers.

With these designs, your business can really stand out from the crowd and make a lasting and memorable impression. The only limit is your imagination.



Vinyl wrapping is a great way of strengthening your brand identity, awareness and attracting new customers.

It also offers an opportunity to create some truly amazing, creative and unique designs to make a lasting impression on those that see it.

Supplying you everything you need, we can help you create your perfect vinyl wrap.

To see what vinyl wraps can do for your business, get in touch today.

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