What is the Best Vinyl Wrap to Use?

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Vinyl Wrapping, Cutting, printing or HTV -Which is the best Vinyl wrap to use?

Wrapping Vinyl

The Vinyl Corporation has tested and evaluated many vinyl wrapping films over the past thirty-five years, to help you discover the best vinyl wraps for your project. When VINYL WRAPPING first emerged for commercial fleet liveries and motor racing sponsorship promotions, the only available suitable products were CAST VINYL films manufactured by Fasson, 3M and Arlon . Through the evolution of manufacturing and development of polymeric vinyl films the chemists managed to engineer flexible polymeric vinyl films that could adhere and conform to compound and complex curves, by applying heat and pressure this wrapping film could be formed and moulded to the required shapes and forms. Today there are both polymeric Wrapping Vinyl films, sometimes referred to as “Intermediate” Wrapping Vinyl, the premium and superior Wrapping vinyl films are still manufactured using the casting process, even though these are more costly they are much more dimensionally stable and conformable than the Intermediate Vinyl wrapping films available. The Vinyl Corporation will always try to advise their clients to utilise the best quality material that the project can afford, so the first recommendation, if the budget will permit, is AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM which has an unrivalled colour range and will out-perform any other premium wrapping film on the market. Should a specific shade of Vinyl Wrapping Film be required or a particular project dictates a certain price point then the ORACAL 970 RA is a fantastic choice, with the Rapid Air release technology making the application time far less than other tested wrapping films.


Many sign making firms have resisted the lure of wide format digital printing and have maintained the principal that cut self coloured cutting vinyl will be more durable and weather far better than ink on vinyl, even when over laminated with a UV inhibiting film.The choice of vinyl will depend on the particular work being undertaken, for general signage work where a life span of five years is required, then the ubiquitous ORACAL 651 will be recommended, for more demanding applications or greater life span the ORACAL 751 or the AVERY 700 premium vinyl with many other choices of Vinyl Sign Making films, whether economical exhibition films or high performance cast vinyl is required the dedicated helpdesk at The Vinyl Corporation will be able to offer advice and samples of the shade and grade of material best suited to the current project.


The Vinyl Corporation is a national leader in supplying Wide Format Digitally Printable self adhesive vinyl, the catalogue of products is most extensive, so tailored packages can be custom made for digital printers, for straight forward flat panel work with a four year durability then The Vinyl Corporation will recommend ORAJET 3164 this is a versatile and very forgiving product available in Gloss or Matt, Grey or clear adhesive also gloss or matt clear vinyl is available or the removable 3162 is a very popular ORAJET product and for the longer life performance ORAJET 3651 can be used, there are many choices and many options depending upon the task in hand and a call or email to the dedicated helpdesk on 0115 930 1133 will offer suggestions and solutions.


Heat transfer Vinyl has been a mainstream product supplied by The Vinyl Corporation for over twenty five years during that time the type and quality of the vinyl has changed remarkably, the HOT FLEX ULTRA is a very good broad spectrum flex vinyl for heat pressing onto cotton polyester garments and T-Shirts, speciality Vinyl effects from Photoluminescent, Fluorescent, Pearlescent or Metallic Vinyl can be supplied, please contact The Vinyl Corporation on 0115 930 1133 for ALL the help and advice you could possibly need . . . .