Wrapping Superheroes

To Wrap or Not to wrap? The Vinyl Corporation have been advising companies about branding and recognition for over 35 years, with some outstanding Blue Chip and household names to their lexicon of successful brands and corporate identities. The primary advice is to keep it Clear, Keep it Simple and make that logo or brand […]

Clearance Sign Making Vinyl – What? Why? and Where?

WHAT IS CLEARANCE Sign Making Vinyl? Occasionally a Clearance sale of SELF ADHESIVE SIGNMAKING VINYL  occurs. . . but WHAT is self adhesive Sign Making Vinyl? This can be anything from very high quality AVERY SUPERCAST 900 series Sign makers Vinyl or DIGITAL PRINT VINYL and LAMINATES to REFLECTIVE SIGN VINYL to POLYMERIC LG , […]


AVERY 900 SUPERCAST VINYL The Vinyl Corporation has had a long and close working relationship supplying FASSON superscreen 400 and FASSON 900 CAST CAR STRIPING TAPES  in the early 1980’s through to the very latest technology in the DOL 1400Z and AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILMS , still mainly centred on the automotive customisation market. However, […]

Glitter,Sparkle,Holographic, Sequin and Gemstone Vinyl

DECORATIVE SELF ADHESIVE VINYL The Vinyl Corporation has being supplying Sign Supplies and Sign Making Vinyl to the automotive, marine and exhibition markets for over thirty five years, clearly in that time the production methods and products available have changed dramatically, now sign makers can obtain Holographic, sequin glitter self adhesive vinyl or Heat Transfer […]

LIMELIGHT – Day’n’ Night ,Reflective Vinyl-A NEW Product

LimeLight Reflective Vinyl When it comes to Reflective or Fluorescent self adhesive vinyl, which is predominantly used for Chapter Eight rear vehicle safety markings or Road , Rail and Rigs Health and safety compliance markings there are limited choices and many of the products available to the UK market are of an extended,  ten year, […]

“Sign Making Vinyl Suppliers ” and “SIGN VINYL SUPPLIERS”

SUPPLIERS OF SIGN VINYL In the current UK marketplace there are many sources from which to purchase the Self Adhesive Vinyl for Sign Making, There are Manufacturers who attempt to supply the mainstream market directly, there are Super Distributors that stock and resell multi brands of VINYL and there are Sole franchise resellers, along with […]

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