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The Vinyl Corporation has had a strong and mutually beneficial relationship, with finding the most successful route to market for the high quality MACtac self adhesive products, for the past thirty years, MAC tac ( Morgan Adhesives Company) who’s HQ is based in Soignies, Belgium and in 2014 joined the Platinum Equity Portfolio has always been a performance driven innovator in the pressure sensitive industry, and they truly are Global players, driven to develop New Products to meet the demands of today’s signage industry with a very broad catalogue of products and offerings to the discerning sign maker and Vinyl Corporation customer.

WIDE CHOICE OF PRODUCTS – MACtac has one of the widest choices of product line up that The Vinyl Corporation showcases, from the economical 8200, 8300 and 8900 ranges of three and four year vinyl, through to the Premium Quality Polymeric 9800S Pro which is designed for High Performance marking applications, The Vinyl Corporation will recommend MACtac 9800s Pro polymeric vinyl for fleet applications when the life expectancy is 8-10 years.

QUALITY, HIGH PERFORMANCE – The Vinyl Corporation has distributed MACtac self adhesive vinyl for many years, and for several years MACtac Vinyl was the industry benchmark, the standard that all other brands of vinyl were compared to and judged by, as The Vinyl Corporation has always been a multi disciplined brand distributor in the UK we are in a position to judge that MACtac polymeric vinyl was, and still is one of the very best high performance polymeric vinyls with a high Gloss face film which is flexible and conformable, making it ideally suited to fleet marking.

THE GLASS DECOR RANGE – As well as the MACtac 9800s Pro polymeric vinyl, The Vinyl Corporation will always recommend the usage of MACtac 798-01 Frosted Etched glass effect vinyl or the MACtac 798-02 Dusted Glass decor products for window decals and lettering or safety Glass manifestations for showroom or retail shop plate glass panes, usually sited at eye level as a safety feature.This is easily applied with the ubiquitous MACtac Felt Squeegee!

DIGITAL PRINTING VINYL – The Vinyl Corporation supplies the full range of MACtac digital printing vinyl for solvent and UV printing, providing the IMAGin range with the corresponding laminates, to complement the digital signage requirements. Should you require information or recommendation as to the suitability of a particular material for a pending project, then please contact The Vinyl Corporation on 01159 301133

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