Oramask 810 Paintmask Stencil

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Grey 80 micron removable adhesive. Highly flexible stencil mask for painting and spraying. Ultra low tack adhesive. Leaves no residue.


305mm @ £1.75 p/m, 50m @ £60.00
380*mm @ £2.00 p/m, 50m @ £75.00
610mm @ £2.50 p/m, 50m @ £85.00
1260mm @ £5.00 p/m, 50m @ £170.00


The Orafol 80 Micron Flexible Grey"ORAMASK" Paint mask stencil film is the premium Self Adhesive Paint Mask Stencil film within the Sign making and Supplies catalogue, Traditional Signwriters and Vinyl Cutters alike use this All purpose paint mask as it performs well on a Vinyl Plotter, whether that is a Silhouette Cameo Craft cutter or a Wide Format Flat bed plotter.The Vinyl Film is a TRANSLUCENT MATT giving it superb transparency to align and achieve precise registration and perfect positioning prior to brushing or spraying, leaving a clean edge definition and a very easy release with NO remaining residue left on the substrate.The Oramask 810 has a Low Tack water based acrylic adhesive, which is ideal for use on water based or low saturation Solvent based Paints, this is why ORACAL paint mask is recommended so often.


ORACAL paint mask stencil is only 80 Microns thick and is highly flexible, making it conformable for applications such as complex curves, uneven or Semi-flexible substrates and surfaces for many varied Spray and Paint Techniques delivering the very best Paint mask self adhesive vinyl and Spray Mask Stencils.


Sign writers supplies and paint sprayer suppliers alike choose the ORACAL 851 Stencil film as it has excellent removable qualities, it is probably the Ultimate removable Self Adhesive Vinyl for PRE CUT PAINT MASK STENCILS and Automotive Stencils available to Sign Suppliers in the UK as it is resistant to Petrol, Paraffin, Diesel, mineral oils many acids and alkalines

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