Can I Vinyl Wrap my Leased Van or Car?

purple vinyl film car

Vinyl Wrapping a lease, hire purchase, contract hire or financed vehicle?


Whether it is a Car, van, lorry or any other vehicle that is being purchased on a financial contract and the colour that it has been delivered in is not your choice, or you may wish to display advertising graphics or branding on the vehicle. Within this article we will explore what the options are, and more importantly what the rules, regulations and financial implications are relating directly to these choices that are made. With this regard knowledge is power and the very best advice can be gained by consulting the dedicated Helpdesk at The Vinyl Corporation on 0115 930 1133 or email your enquiries on

Help and Tips to check when Vinyl Wrapping your lease vehicles

1) Initially contact your finance provider or leasing agent for approval of the proposed vehicle modification, this can vary from a subtle vinyl graphic to a Full Wrap with bold corporate branding. most leasing companies are not lacking understanding about the use their vehicles are to be put to and are used to individuals and companies wanting to Sign Write the vehicles, this issue should really be negotiated up front when the terms of the lease are being agreed, but if this has been overlooked then a courtesy call will usually be met with approval, subject to the vehicle being returned in good condition, taking into account fair wear and tear.Just ensure that written confirmation or an email is received and placed on file.

2)Check that the Lease Vehicle has not had fresh paintwork as the time it takes to fully cure and ” Gas Out”can be up to eight weeks, this is imperative as the Vinyl graphics or Wrapping Film will not react well if applied to uncured paintwork and when the Vehicle Graphics are removed prior to returning the vehicle the paintwork might need repairing, resulting in a hefty penalty payment.

3)Think ahead and plan the Vinyl Graphics or Wrap removal, consider what happens beneath the surface of the Vinyl . . . the adhesive structure changes with time and most Wrapping Vinyl films will be removable up to five years from installation, after ten years the adhesive can become more stubborn and may result in paintwork damage during removal of the Vinyl. Having made this point, it is worth noting that the majority of vehicle leases in the UK are for a three or four year term.

4) Timeframe – with reference to the above point it is worth arranging an appointment for the removal of the graphics or Vehicle wrapping film ( as you will already have the termination date of the lease )with the installation company when they are initially fitting the graphics, this is a very useful arrangement to have with the Vinyl Wrapper as should the vehicle sustain any damage during the life of the lease then repairs and maintenance can be carried out with the same materials and so maintaining a sharp and professional brand image.

5) Insist that Premium Vinyl products are used, this is the image that your customers are going to judge you, your products and your company by, so a professionally applied, well designed striking Vehicle Wrap will project the strong brand image that makes the cost of a vehicle livery worthwhile. After thirty five years of vehicle customisation and branding on vehicles with self adhesive Vinyl experience has shown that Oracal Vinyl and Avery Vinyl are two of the industry leading brands that we can rely upon to deliver consistently good results. For Colour change wrapping the AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM is the best available product on the market today or the ORACAL 970 RAPID AIR wrapping vinyl has a great colour choice and palette swatches can now be purchased online at For Printing media the ORAJET 3164 is one of the most versatile printable vinyl films available, for longer term projects the ORAJET 3651 or the 3551 RA can be utilised, for specific advice and detailed discussion about the most suitable Digital printing vinyl for a particular graphics project please call the dedicated helpdesk on 0115 930 1133.


The DVLA has given directives that as the Police and other enforcement agencies rely on the DVLA records for vehicle related investigations and as such the V5c or Log Book should have section 7 updated if the colour of a vehicle is changed , the insurance company should be notified about modifications and colour changes and finally it is worth noting that vehicle theft is massively reduced with vehicles displaying bold identifiable logos and lettering, especially if the branding suggests that no valuables or tools might be kept in the vehicle. Unfortunately it should be noted that a vehicle that has been colour changed is more likely to be stopped for a Police check as the original colour will not match up to the make and model on the original details when an ANPR check is made.

For any further help or advice regarding the Vinyl Wrapping Film or most appropriate Vinyl Film for vehicle branding, whether cutting or printing please email or call The Vinyl Corporation helpdesk on 0115 930 1133.