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Alternative Uses for Self Adhesive Wrapping Vinyl Film

animals vinyl wrapping film

The Vinyl Corporation have been supplying quality self adhesive wrapping vinyl, primarily to the Automotive, Marine and signage industries, for nearly forty years. Within this time many processes and products have changed dramatically and so have the uses for the materials available. Many sign makers, vinyl wrappers and installation teams are in the constant pursuit […]


Oramask stencil film

The Vinyl Corporation has traditionally provided sign vinyl and self adhesive vinyl products to be applied as graphics and Decals, However, there is a growing appetite for stencilling, whether within the commercial transport sector or the hobby, craft furniture up cycling areas of interest, for these particular projects the one Paint Mask Stencilling product that […]

AVERY VINYL WRAP – Everything you wanted to know!!

  Avery Vinyl Wrap – everything you wanted to know! “A Brief History” Where and When Did SELF ADHESIVE STICKERS and LABELS start? RAY STANTON AVERY – STAN THE STICKER MAN Self adhesive labelling for information and pricing can trace its origins back to the mid 1930’s in California when Ray Stanton AVERY produced the […]

Sign Making and Vinyl Wrapping Film

vinyl for car wrapping

The Vinyl Corporation have been supplying self adhesive vinyl products to the Automotive, Marine and Sign Making Industries for over thirty five years, Through this period there have been many changes in material manufacturing processes and product usage.   The selection of vinyl will largely be determined by the clients specification for a particular project […]

Vinyl Signs, Vehicle Wrapping and Architectural Wrapping Films

Avery vinyl film wrapping

       The Vinyl Corporation have been supplying self adhesive vinyl products into the signage, automotive and marine markets for over thirty five years,within that time the composition and durability of sign making vinyl has evolved and progressed into the ubiquitous and durable advertising media that is offered by The Vinyl Corporation today. Sign […]

Architectural Wrapping Films

bathroom vinyl wrapping film

This isn’t just a Wrap for Christmas……This is a Professional Architectural Vinyl Wrapping Film!   The Vinyl Corporation has been supplying self adhesive architectural wrapping film in wood grain effect, marble, stone, leather and textile vinyl to the interior decoration and furniture market for over thirty five years. Until recently, these films have been basic […]

ECE104 , Reflective Vinyl and Longer life Fluorescent Vinyl

red, gold, silver reflective vinyl rolls

What is ECE104 ? The European regulation 104 outlines the minimum standard requirements for retroreflective marking tapes for commercial goods vehicles, these guidelines are to ensure that coloured retroreflective stripes or contour lines are fitted to the outer edges of these vehicles and trailers, giving higher levels of visibility and allowing other road users more […]