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Garment printing, vinyl, HTV, Flex and Pearl Glitter

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What is vinyl clothing printing?  By using a specially cut vinyl transfer, vinyl clothes printing, sometimes referred to as CAD-cut vinyl printing, enables you to add straightforward designs to clothing.   Vinyl heat transfer, or HTV, is another name for it. A machine that cuts out letters and designs is used in this operation. These lettering […]

Ultratac 300 and Orajet 3164 vinyl

Ultratac 300 and Orajet 3164 vinyl

Ultratac 300    It’s crucial to carefully examine the type of vinyl you’ll require before beginning your next application. When picking the best vinyl, it is important to decide what you will be sticking to, whether it will be indoors or outside, and how long you will need it. Although vinyl is a flexible material, […]

Wide format digital printing vinyl Orajet 3164 and many more

orajet 3164 | the vinyl corporation

Introduction to Orajet 3164    One of the most popular printed vinyls from ORAFOL is ORAJET 3164. ORAJET 3164 is a soft, printable vinyl that has a calendar on it. With a transparent, water-based permanent adhesive, this 4 mil, cost-effective printed vinyl is perfect for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. The 3164 is designed for applying […]


Oramask 810 Paintmask Stencil | the vinyl corporation

The Vinyl Corporation is happy to provide the Oramask 810 stencil film . The top-of-the-line self-adhesive stencil film in the sign production and supply catalogue is the Oracal 810. The Oramask 810 stencil film is used by traditional sign writers and vinyl cutters because it works well with any type of vinyl plotter, including silhouette cameo craft cutters […]

Sign Vinyl and the choices that The Vinyl Corporation can offer for cutting and printing self adhesive vinyl

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Under our roof, you can find all your sign, Sign Making Vinyl, Wraps, Digital Print Media, & Accessories. We understand the frustration that many creative and business owners may have when looking for certain products. Let’s face it, it is so much better when all your needs can be met in one place.    That is why we have more than 3500 products […]

Oramask 810 paintmask stencil and Oramask 810 stencil film

oramask 810 paintmask stencil | The vinyl Corporation

         This flexible, 3 mil thick, translucent, dark grey spray mask is called ORACAL® Oramask 810 stencil film. This stencil film’s elasticity makes it ideal for painting and spraying on both flat and textured surfaces. The underside surface is visible thanks to the grey film’s translucence. Wet application is not recommended.      What is […]

Avery products

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Kum-Kleen Products, Stan Avery’s original company name, advertised the ability of the self-adhesive label to be removed without leaving a trace. When customers asked for their names to be printed on the labels, he added print using a hand-cranked printing press. Initially, the label’s face was made of simple, white paper. On the face of […]

Safety film- Photoluminescent, Reflective and Fluorescent vinyl

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Safety film   This transparent self-adhesive safety window film will make any flat glazing shatter-proof.    Using an optically clear film called 100 Micron Clear Safety Window Film, old glass can be upgraded to meet BS 6206 Class B and BS EN 12600 Class 2B2 standards. This safety film creates an invisible but potentially life-saving barrier by reducing […]

What Is Sign Vinyl?

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Sign Vinyl can be used to create a range of different eye-catching, creative and colourful displays and advertisements. There is a range of different sign vinyl to choose from such as cast vinyl, calendered vinyl, polymeric vinyl, transparent vinyl, matt vinyl, and gloss vinyl. All of these types of vinyls are fantastic for different reasons. […]