covid socially distanced poster


One of the main tools we have to ensure that staff and clients remain at a safe distance and remain free from catching the virus is SDS – Social Distancing Signage, as it has been found that visual communications are the number one reminder for maintaining the distance and staying safe.Wall signs whether printed on Orajet 3164 or cut vinyl lettering from Avery 500 when applied to a board and affixed to the wall at eye level can prove to be the most effective reminder.Window media, whether printed or cut from vinyl these products are available from The Vinyl Corporation   Floor graphics are a different matter as there are so many types of floor covering, each one must be assessed on a case by case basis, However, the most important point is that the over laminate must be a certified non slip, anti skid material, currently available we have the BS7976 regulation anti slip laminate and the R10 products will be in stock soon.Floor tape at 50mm x 50m is a good standard product and Fluorescent Vinyl signage is also proving very useful for highlighting safety and maintaining distance.