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3/4 Year Digital Print Vinyl, 100 micron, Permanent Adhesive, White or Grey Backed, Polyacrylate Adhesive

Clear - Non Solvent Adhesive

N.B White Backed has a Clear Adhesive, Grey Backed has a Grey Adhesive, both are Permanent Adhesive

Soft PVC film available in transparent and white, with a glossy or matt surface, Polyacrylate, permanent, transparent, For brilliant and colourful advertising for short- and medium-term outdoor use, Inkjet printing with solvent based inks, UV- or latex inks

Creative Use of Print Vinyl

And if you require a removable adhesive



760mm x 50m £55.00

1370mm x 50m £87.00

1600mm x 50m £120.00

2000mm x 50m £285.00 - Special Order Only


Orajet 3164 Print Media for Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV and Latex Printing is a 100 Micron soft PVC PRINTING VINYL formulated for the DIGITAL PRINTING market, so it is a very Versatile Film with many options from White Gloss or Matt Permanent Acrylic Adhesive with a Grey or Clear back to the Transparent clear gloss or matt face film with a permanent or removable poly acrylic adhesive, and the Price : Performance ratio of this product is outstanding and well known amongst the Professional PRINT MEDIA SUPPLIERS both in the UK and Europe. PRINT SUPPLIERS will always seek to supply Vinyl products that are economically viable whilst also being reliable and dependable, this German Manufactured PRINTING VINYL ticks all the above boxes and unlike other brands has a very highly rated quality control and inspection standard which in turn reduces the chances of defective Vinyl being Distributed to the converters of the DIGITAL PRINT MEDIA.


ORAJET Solvent Digitally printable 3164 is 100 Microns thick making it easy to handle and take through the whole PRINTING PROCESS from unpacking to Installation and then once this product is installed it is considered to be "Bulletproof" as it it abrasion resistant and for further protection and scuff resistance a layer of the ORAJET 3164 transparent clear vinyl can be Laminated over the top surface of the PRINTED DECALS making it less likely to be damaged, tampered with or suffer any negative effects from ULTRA VIOLET RAYS.


ORACAL 3162 Removable vinyl or the 3164 permanent adhesive solvent printable Vinyl can be successfully printed on FULL SOLVENT printers or the lighter ECO-SOLVENT, UV or for some of the most outstanding results the latest generation of LATEX PRINTERS can be utilised. The ORACAL VINYL can be supplied in any width or length that is required, the most usual requests are from 305mm,380mm, 406mm, 500mm 610mm,1220mm,1370mm,1520mm,1600mm or 2 Meters wide and these rolls are usually supplied as DIGITAL PRINT VINYL at 50meters long as with most DIGIPRINT the re-rolling of the product can encourage the ingression of contamination, which will not be welcome when the PRINTING proccess begins


The Vinyl Corporation has been providing SIGNMAKING and Supplies for over 30 years and it is considered to be an Industry Expert in the field of VINYL GRAPHICS and the production of them, the ORAJET 3164 and the REMOVABLE VINYL 3162 are considered to be the very best in their category, for a durable, versatile FOUR YEAR soft vinyl that is easy to print, cut and apply there is not another Solvent Digitally printable vinyl that can compare with these VINYL ROLLS, that is why they are currently the market leaders.

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