ECE104 , Reflective Vinyl and Longer life Fluorescent Vinyl

red, gold, silver reflective vinyl rolls

What is ECE104 ?

The European regulation 104 outlines the minimum standard requirements for retroreflective marking tapes for commercial goods vehicles, these guidelines are to ensure that coloured retroreflective stripes or contour lines are fitted to the outer edges of these vehicles and trailers, giving higher levels of visibility and allowing other road users more time to react when approaching an HGV in poor light or adverse weather conditions.

What Colour tape needs to be used to comply with ECE 104?

This is where local regulations can vary! Some countries require Red to the rear and yellow along the sides, other countries specify yellow and white throughout, so it is certainly worth checking the local regulations. The Vinyl Corporation has always advised that when applying reflective or retroreflective striping to any vehicle RED Reflective Vinyl should only ever be used on the rear of a vehicle

and White or silver reflective should only be used on the front of a vehicle and any colour can be used on the sides, this is particularly important for HGV recovery trucks as they could be manoeuvring across a carriageway at night to recover a lorry from a ditch and traffic needs to be aware which way the vehicles are facing, the same principle applies to lighting on a vehicle with only Red on the rear and White on the front.The ECE 104 regulations came into force on 10th July 2011

What shape and Size Retroreflective Tape conforms to Regulation ECE104?

The colours to be used are Silver/ White, Red or Yellow of a minimum width of 50mm in a solid line for RIGID structures and 50mm “Segmented Squares “ or lozenges for flexible curtainsiders and bulk carrying tankers, this must be a CLASS C prismatic lens structure retroreflective vinyl, The Vinyl Corporation will always suggest using the AVERY V-6700 B for Rigid construction lorries and the AVERY V-6790 for flexible surfaces and tankers.

Why Use AVERY Conspicuity Tape?

Although there are several manufacturers of High Visibility Conspicuity Tapes that conform to the ECE104 regulations, The Vinyl Corporation can supply the 3M 997series Diamond Grade or the ORALITE , ORAFOL 104 and REFLEXITE but as a standard  off the shelf dependable product TVC will suggest the AVERY V-6700 series as it does not require edge sealing and when applied to curtain sided vehicles it will not delaminate or tear, use it with confidence!

Which is the best LONGER LIFE Fluorescent Vinyl ?

The Vinyl Corporation will always recommend the use of ORACAL 7510 Cast Fluorescent Vinyl, especially if the designed graphics are going to have a horizontal attitude towards the Sunlight, as it is the Ultra Violet bombardment that degrades the colour fastness of Fluorescent Vinyl, should the project being undertaken be more budget sensitive then the very versatile ORACAL 6510

or the very popular AURA 139

which is usually coupled up with the AURA 191 RED REFLECTIVE vinyl to comply with the CHAPTER 8 Regulations at 150mm alternate stripes positioned at 45 degrees to the rear of slow moving or highway maintenance vehicles usually in a motorway setting, where high visibility is required.


The Vinyl Corporation are the UK sole distributors for many market leading products but the “LIMELIGHT DAY ‘N’ NIGHT“ is one of the most amazing and successful Conspicuity marking tapes, it is shorter term but very effective being Reflective and Fluorescent at the same time affording great visibility during daytime and lighting up in low light conditions, a major contribution to road safety in the Uk


Should you be unsure which reflective Vinyl to choose for your current project, please call the dedicated helpldesk on 0115 930 1133 or email