Etched Glass effect Vinyl by Rimark

Etched Glass effect Vinyl by Rimark - The Vinyl Corporation

I am sure you have come across a frosted look on a door, window, or even on bottles. But, do you know how simple it can be to achieve that effect? 

Read our blog on Etched Glass effect Vinyl by Rimark to get a better understanding on just how simple it is to achieve. 

Etched Glass effect Vinyl by Rimark Is the optimum option for window décor with an etched effect, maintaining privacy and enabling natural light transmission, is Ritrama Ri-Mark Etched Glass.  

 It is a calendered vinyl that has a mix of polymeric and monomeric plasticizers, is UV stabilised, is made to have a consistent matte look, and has a colour stability of up to 5 years for outdoor usage and up to 7 years for indoor use.  


Etched Glass effect Vinyl by Rimark- The Vinyl Corporation


 Ritrama Ri-Mark Etched Glass is the best option for etched effect window décor. It allows for natural light transmission while also offering privacy and decoration. 

For glass decoration and window graphics, use this polymeric etch film. The 80 micron film may be applied quickly with a common solvent adhesive. It can be printed on solvent inkjet printers as well.  

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Ritrama Window Etch Film is the best option for giving glass a frosted appearance at a far lower cost than replacing the entire sealed unit. Usually used to add a privacy screen to windows, whether indoors or outside.  


Benefits of Ritrama Ri-Mark Etched Glass effect:

  • It has a Matt finish  
  • Great application for privacy in businesses, residences, and banking  
  • UV, latex, solvent, and eco-solvent inkjet inks are all printable  
  • Perfect for window decoration on restaurants, bars, museums, and showrooms  
  • solvent-based acrylic glue that sticks permanently  


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FAQ’S ON Benefits of Ritrama Ri-Mark Etched Glass effect


What is etched glass vinyl?

The purpose of etched glass vinyl and frosted glass vinyl film is to simulate the appearance and/or texture of genuine etched glass. There are many different colours and finishes available for our selection of etched and frosted vinyl. This allows you the same great look as etched glass but without the heavy price tag.  


What is Etched Glass effect Vinyl by Rimark used for?

 Vinyl etch gives windows, doorways, and window a  stained-glass appearance in crafts and the home. Excellent for glass, glasses, tumblers, shower doors, and car windows.  


How to remove Etched Glass effect Vinyl by Rimark

Etch vinyl is incredibly simple to remove with a blade should you ever change your mind or need to transfer locations in the future because it is put straight to the glass window  


Is Ritrama Ri-Mark Etched Glass permanent?

  As previously stated, it can endure the test of time if you want it to stay in place for 5-7 years, and if not, all you have to do is cut a blade through the pattern to get rid of it.  


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