Everything you need to know about blackout window vinyl

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Imagine the scene.

You’re just settling down for a much-needed afternoon nap, you shut the blinds, tuck yourself up, close your eyes and find that there’s light still pouring in through the window, seeping in through your blind, making it impossible for you to enjoy some good old shut eye!

Most shades, blinds or curtains will allow some type of light through when they’re closed which can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to take a nap or enjoying a movie.

This problem can be made worse when the kids are back at school.

With the evening light shining into the room, it can sometimes be hard to get them to go to bed early.

However, we have a solution – blackout window tinting.

Not only is it ideal for increasing darkness in any room, it can also add privacy, obscure unsightly views and update tired interiors; there’s no better choice of material than our tinted window vinyl.

As well as keeping things dark and private, blackout window vinyl can even help to protect furniture from fading, making it a wise choice in any home, office, retail or hospitality industry.

Blackout window vinyl can also be used on vehicle windows too, giving an overall enhanced and private appearance*.

With four different window film shades and a silver option too, you can easily customise the darkness of your vinyl to achieve whatever effect you desire, whether it’s to completely blackout your space or just slightly darken it.

As a cheap, economical upgrade to almost any glass, blackout window vinyl can provide fantastic privacy and beautiful aesthetics, whatever your needs may be.

It can be installed on any smooth glass surface and is completely scratch-resistant.

* While we do sell vinyl suitable for tinting vehicle windows, we also recommend checking local and national laws and regulations before purchasing and fitting *.



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