Face Coverings : Branded Promotional Products?

apply text to face mask

With the gradual release of the lockdown and the strict safety rules governing social distancing and face covering in certain public settings there are certain opportunities for companies,charities and organisations to promote their existence and their services on everybody’s face!

With the compulsory wearing of face coverings, not necessarily a medical face mask, as the medical grade PPE is still being preserved for front line key workers and medical staff ,so the choice of material used for this covering is optional ,from a used T-Shirt to bandana’s ,scarves and silk squares as long as a close weave comfortable,protective material is selected. Bearing in mind that the prime reason for the face covering is to prevent the spread of any viral infection from the wearer,rather than the prevention of the wearer contracting the virus from other members of the public.
In certain settings such as public transport and areas where it is not possible to maintain the two metre distancing rule then a face covering should be worn, this also has the added advantage of sending out a clear message to all other members of the public that you are Covid aware and that they should assume the same social responsibility, it encourages peer pressure to “do the right thing “
Advertising on a face covering is a fantastic opportunity whether it be a progressive supermarket chain issuing a FREE branded face mask to be worn in store and retained afterwards, giving ongoing brand promotion and awareness, or a Charity selling facemasks with a rainbow printed on it

and proceeds going to the NHS or maybe just a standard face mask with HTV pressed onto it with an amusing design

or inspirational quotation

the design and marketing opportunities are only limited by the wearers imagination.
HTV is available from The Vinyl Corporation in many different colours and shades, from standard black and white HOTFLEX ULTRA to the pink sparkling or the metallic gold garment vinyl, these are readily available to order online at www.thevinylcorporation.co.uk some of the more imaginative and creative companies have been making complimentary T-Shirt and face covering sets, so this becomes a fashion accessory and comfortable to wear in public spaces, for further help or advice as to suitable HTV to be applied to specific materials please call the dedicated help desk on 0115 930 1133.