LIMELIGHT – Day’n’ Night ,Reflective Vinyl-A NEW Product

Moving vehicle reflective vinyl stickers

LimeLight Reflective Vinyl

When it comes to Reflective or Fluorescent self adhesive vinyl, which is predominantly used for Chapter Eight rear vehicle safety markings or Road , Rail and Rigs Health and safety compliance markings there are limited choices and many of the products available to the UK market are of an extended,  ten year, life Reflective Vinyl , which is ideal for the projects which specify a long life Reflective Vinyl, but where the life span of the material being used is not as important as the budgetary considerations then a shorter term REFLECTIVE VINYL can be utilised and so not over-specifying the job and driving the costs above the approved or acceptable levels.

When and Where will LIMELIGHT, the Lime Green Reflective self adhesive vinyl, Which is also a Fluorescent Lime Yellow/Green daytime brightness be applied? this is a new product to the UK marketplace and so far the chief usage has been for shorter term rear Reflective Vinyl vehicle markings, Lollipop signs, promotional graphics and traffic management signage. The major advantage that LimeLight has over and above similar products is that it is HI VIZ, a highly visible appearance Day or Night, clearly stands out as remarkable safety film, but it has been produced using the commercial Reflective Vinyl Glass Bead method to achieve it’s reflective qualities, so reducing the production costs and with it being placed on a 120 gram Poly-coated paper liner this makes it an ideal Reflective Vinyl for either plotter cutting,Panel coating or Roll Striping tape.So thus making it a very versatile and inexpensive alternative to the usual 3M Diamond Grade,  Avery Reflective Vinyl or ORACAL  Reflective Vinyl products that The Vinyl Corporation stock and supply

LIMELIGHT Reflective Vinyl – Technical Specification

Limelight Day’n’Night Fluorescent\ Reflective Vinyl is of a Lime Green colour, also described as being yellow\green as opposed to the Saturn Yellow shade of many Fluorescent Vinyl products available in the Sign making and Emergency services industry. The primary objective when producing this Reflective Vinyl was to have a versatile, easy to apply film that would be striking, highly visible and compliant with health and safety regulations, whilst still being within an affordable price point for shorter term applications, LimeLight Reflective Vinyl is produced at 1220mm wide by 50m length and is recommended for a vertical application of up to two years, depending on conditions and attitude to the Sun, as the Ultra Violet rays will break down the Fluorescent qualities within the material but the Reflectivity of LimeLight will not be affected, the life span can be increased by laminating the Reflective Vinyl . Limelight Reflective Vinyl has been produced with a 30 Micron PET  face film and coated with a 30 Micron Permanent pressure sensitive adhesive, this has been placed on a 120 gram Poly-coated paper liner making it ideal for screen printing , vinyl striping and Digital Printing.

WHY Choose LimeLight Reflective Vinyl?

The Primary reasons for choosing LimeLight Reflective Vinyl are that it is a High Visibility, Neon, Fluorescent, big Impact self adhesive vinyl at an economic price and much easier to use than the semi- rigid alternatives. As an introductory launch promotion The Vinyl Corporation are giving substantial discount for orders that are placed this month.
Please do not expect LimeLight Reflective Vinyl  to retain it’s Fluorescent appearance for longer than two years and do satisfy yourself that it is a suitable product for the project that you are about to embark upon, any doubts as to it’s suitability or durability please call the dedicated Helpdesk at The Vinyl Corporation on 0115 944 1774 where our fully trained, friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to assist you to make the best possible material choices for your business