Self Adhesive Matt Vinyl

car wrapped in orange vinyl

WHAT is MATT Vinyl?

Self adhesive matt vinyl is any PVC which has low light reflective qualities, these being at lower levels than Satin finish vinyl and much less than GLOSS VINYL, such as the ORACAL 651, so without getting too far into the physics lab the level of MATT finish is an optical property which is indicative of how well a surface can reflect light in a specular direction, therefore the level of Gloss or Matt finish on the vinyl face film is determined by the “Specular Reflection” as opposed to the “ Diffuse Reflection” which is the amount of light scattered in different directions, giving the surface the appearance of a less Glossy finish, or as with the AVERY 500 MATT or the ORACAL 631 we refer to as a MATT Vinyl

Is it MATT Vinyl, MATTE Vinyl or even MAT Vinyl

The short answer to this puzzle is: Where do you live? In the UK it is referred to as MATT Vinyl encompassing AVERY 500, ORACAL 631 and RiMark “M” series, in the USA it is usually referred to as MAT Vinyl and in Europe and Asia it is MATTE Vinyl. The Vinyl Corporation refer to these products as MATT Vinyl and they are rising in popularity every year, as it is a most undervalued and unknown resource especially when utilised for internal workplaces branding and awareness.

WHY Use MATT Vinyl rather than Gloss Vinyl?

The Vinyl Corporation will recommend the use of AVERY 500 Matt Vinyl or ORACAL 631 for certain projects, in favour of the Glossy ORACAL 651, for shop window graphics which are going to be removed after a sale or current promotion the ORACAL 631 has a POLYACRYLATE Adhesive on the 80 Micron soft monomeric face film, this is a removable adhesive with a decent initial tack, but even after being in a Sunny shop window for a couple of years it will be easily removed with a QR TOOL , leaving absolutely No adhesive residue on the shop or showroom window.

WHERE to use MATT Vinyl rather than Glossy Vinyl

MATT VINYL can be used in many settings and diverse situations, the ORACAL 631 can be found delivering information and directions in many Galleries, libraries and museums these signs can be easily removed and replaced as the exhibits are rotated and changed, making the ORACAL 631 a very versatile product, this is favoured in these internal, well lit settings because the light does not bounce back, so making the signage easier to read, as the ORACAL 631 has a high degree of Diffuse Reflection making the MATT surface ideal for displays in Public indoor spaces. So if it is Point of sale displays in a retail environment, an exhibition or large indoor advertising campaign the ORACAL631 is the go to Matt Vinyl of choice

WHICH is the correct vinyl to choose for CRAFTS or WALL ART?

At The Vinyl Corporation’s dedicated help desk one of the most commonly asked questions is “ Which Vinyl would you recommend for a child’s bedroom wall graphics?” The answer is: does it need to be removable? Are you cutting the Vinyl or Printing your mural prior to cutting? If it is cut vinyl lettering and logos the AVERY 500 Matt vinyl is a great choice with a good colour range and easy to apply, whereas if one is printing and cutting then the ORAJET 3164 MATT vinyl is the ideal solution, but that is another blog that will follow……Crafters should always choose either the ORACAL 631 or the ORACAL 651 depending on the particular type of crafting that is being tackled, so for water bottles, cups, hard smooth surfaces or outdoor, waterproof decals choose the GLOSSY ORACAL 651, for internal graphics either the AVERY 500 Matt or the ORACAL 631.


The Vinyl Corporation stock a huge variety of Vehicle wrapping films, from KPMF to the Premium ORACAL 970RA and the AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM, these come in many different colours, shades and effects from MATT BLACK to Carbon Fibre and even SILVER CHROME ,many of these colours are available in a Satin or MATT finish, a very subjective choice as some clients want the MATT GREY or MATT BLACK finish and have the whole of the vehicle rebadged and dechromed, making it a Wolf in sheep’s clothing whilst still retaining the power and style, being individual and customised.


At The Vinyl Corporation we pride ourselves on being able to deliver not only the widest range of quality products available in the UK sign making market today, but also being able to offer customers the very best advice regarding product selection and usage, so please call our dedicated help desk on 0115 930 1133 or drop us an email on