Oracal 631 Matt Vinyl

coloured rolls of oracal matt vinyl

Oracal 631 or Oracal 651?

Which is the best self adhesive vinyl to select for a particular project? The first issue to address is whether it is for interior or exterior usage, if the intention is to apply internally then Oracal 631 would be the first instinct, does the client want a gloss or Matt finish? Being internal graphics whether it is for inspirational office quotations to motivate the workforce


 or ‘rules’ for a bedroom wall

or even bathroom


or Kitchen Wall Art

the effect is still the same, Matt Vinyl is usually employed as it will not reflect the light in the room and therefore be infinitely more legible than using a Gloss Vinyl. Should a printed mural be required, possibly for a child’s bedroom wall, then still keeping with the Matt finish the ORAJET 3164 should be used, or for the removable alternative the ORAJET 3162 can be selected from The Vinyl Corporation.

Permanent or Removable Vinyl

Oracal 651 has a permanent clear solvent based adhesive, so making it ideally suited for external graphics and signage, whereas the Oracal 631 has a clear water based removable adhesive, which is more suited to temporary or internally applied graphics and Art.Oracal 631 Matt Vinyl can be applied externally, but caution should be exercised if the application is to a vehicle, whereas for a more temporary shop window installation

the Oracal 631 is certainly a good choice.

Indoor signs and Stencils

The Vinyl Corporation is the UK main distributor for Oracal 631 Matt Vinyl which is stocked in All colours and sizes, which can be converted to the size your project requires whether it is 305mm rolls or 1230mm meterage and the Oracal 631 is in stock awaiting next day delivery from the Nottingham central warehouse facility.Oracal 631 is usually the go to product for self adhesive craft projects making name tags and designs for plates, cups and household items

it is equally good for Exhibition graphics and can be also used for stencil creations, having the removable adhesive structure making it ideal for resist or stencilling. Alternatively the Oramask 810 Paintmask and Stencil Film can be deployed.

Oracal 631 Matt Vinyl

The choice of Oracal 631 as the MATT VINYL to use on a current job will probably be the best choice of vinyl, unless budget is a primary concern for the project and then the AVERY 500 Matt vinyl could be a more economical choice, should you have any questions regarding the suitability and practical application of ORACAL 631 then please contact the dedicated help desk at The Vinyl Corporation on 0115 930 1133