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A popular removable vinyl that is made primarily for indoor use is called Oracal 631.   wall decals - the vinyl corporation

A form of vinyl that can be removed from surfaces cleanly is called Oracle matt removable vinyl. It is frequently employed for transient applications like window graphics or wall decals.   


Having a 3 mil thickness and a matte finish, ORACAL® 631 is a common and adaptable vinyl. It may be removed with little to no sticky residue thanks to its water-based removable adhesive. It is perfect for short- to medium-term indoor applications and works with all vinyl cutting machines. It is the faithful companion of the interior decorator and is primarily employed on painted plasterboard surfaces. However, it covers a wide range of art endeavours, including windows, doors, and crafts. Although it is waterproof and may therefore be used outside, it is not the best option for locations that are frequently exposed to water.   

Its construction is strong enough to resist repeated removal and reapplication.    

For making wall art exhibits, Oracal 631 matt vinyl is perfect. You may make stunning designs with a variety of colours with the vast collection of Oracal 631 removable matt vinyl we have. For your smaller or larger creations, these vinyl sheets come in optional A4 and Metre sizes. We have unique packs and more than 20 colours in our removable vinyl.    


Features of the Product:   

Surface: Matte     

Three mils thick   

3 years of durability   

Clear, water-based, re-positionable adhesive   

 Not suggested for use in car graphics.   

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So what is oracal 631 matt?  

what is Oracal 631 - Matt Sign Vinyl - The Vinyl CorporationOracal 631 is a matte-finished, repositionable indoor vinyl. This implies that you could use this vinyl and just apply a layer of something like Mod Podge to make it more durable if you want a matte finish on projects that will be more durable.  





What is the texture like?  what is the texture of oracal 631 like- the vinyl corporation  

 Oracal 631 has a matte texture, which means it lacks the glossy sheen but still gives a smooth finish. It also has a lighter adhesive, making it ideal for usage indoors and very simple to remove   


What makes Oracal 631 and 651 vinyl different?   

The adhesive and finish are the two key distinctions between 651 and 631. All of the colours in 651 have a glossy finish, with the exception of Black and White, which come in both glossy and matte finishes. In contrast, 631 has a matte appearance.   


How long is oracal 631 effective?     

Oracal 631 has a three-year durability threshold.  


Is oracal 631 permanent?   

Removable vinyl is called Oracal 631. If you want to use it as a stencil or something that you want to erase, it works beautifully on your walls. Make sure it’s not in direct sunlight if you decide to mount it to your walls because that can slightly alter the adhesive.   


Is oracal 631 waterproof?

is oracal 361 waterproof - the vinyl corporation

Water is not completely impervious to Oracal 631. It is not advised for surfaces that will frequently be exposed to water or for cleaning anything that must be completely submerged in water.   


Can you make car decals with oracal 631 vinyl?   

yes or no -oracle 631 matt the vinyl corporation  

The most widely used type of removable vinyl is Oracal 631, also known as “631 vinyl.” Its adhesive is water-based and has a matte appearance.

can oracal 631 be used outdoors- the vinyl corporation

 In other words, if you apply it outside on a vehicle, you probably only have a short window of time before the sun’s rays or rain cause it to peel.    








We sell removable vinyl rolls in the UK to fit any project that you may have in mind, here at The Vinyl Corporation