ORACAL 651 or ORACAL 631 -HELP to select the right Vinyl for your Project

car wrapped in Oracal 651 vinyl

ORACAL 631 or ORACAL 651 – Which is the better Vinyl to choose?

ORACAL 631 MATT VINYL is a very well respected MATT VINYL which has a POLYACRYLATE adhesive this is a REMOVABLE ADHESIVE, the face film is 80 Microns thick, and a Soft monomeric vinyl with 54 VIBRANT COLOURS in the range of MATT VINYL this particular vinyl is very useful for EXHIBITION GRAPHICS, MUSEUM SIGNAGE, POINT OF SALE GRAPHICS, WALL ART

and general CRAFT WORK, where the glare of bright lights can sometime obscure the vision when GLOSS VINYL is used.The ORACAL 631 MATT VINYL has the added advantage of having the B1 fire rating making it ideal for usage in public areas such as theatres, cinema displays and Airports.

ORACAL 651 GLOSS VINYL is the very best broad spectrum vinyl, with sixty colour choices this is the one SIGN VINYL that every SIGN MAKER should have in their armoury, with it’s 70 Micron soft monomeric face film backed with a World beating SOLVENT POLYACRYLATE PERMANENT ADHESIVE making it probably the Best medium term GLOSSY VINYL available in the UK today. The ORACAL 651 GLOSS VINYL can be used to good effect on vehicle graphics, shop Fascia, CRAFT PROJECTS, general SIGNAGE and many other general purposes. The GLOSS VINYL also has the major advantage of using a contrast BLUE backing paper for the GLOSS WHITE VINYL making weeding a much easier task.


The short answer is horses for courses so if it’s an indoor project such as exhibition graphics or instore point of sale display installation then the MATT VINYL, or as some prefer to call it MATTE VINYL ( see previous Blog) will be the ideal choice of SIGN VINYL. Whereas if it is a chain of retail shop windows or a fleet of rental vehicles that need VINYL SIGNS then the ORACAL 651 GLOSS VINYL ,or as some may refer to it as ORACAL 651 GLOSSY VINYL – See previous Blog! will be the better choice of VINYL.


THE VINYL CORPORATION is proud to have been supplying both of these excellent products for over twenty years, so both the ORACAL 651 and the MATT VINYL ORACAL 631 have been tried, tested and proved to be consistently good performers, along with other MATT VINYL brands such as the AVERY 500 MATT VINYL film and the RITRAMA “M” grade film the ORACAL 631 has been at the Vanguard of THE VINYL CORPORATION ‘s success in proving to be the UK’s leader in providing SIGN and SIGN MAKING SUPPLIES for the SIGN TRADE, Any help or advice that the SIGN MAKER requires can be given FREE OF CHARGE by calling THE VINYL CORPORATION helpline on 0115 930 1133