Orajet 3164XRA


Here at The Vinyl Corporation, we are pleased to offer the Orajet 3164, discover more about the 3164 Orajet vinyl today!

The Oracal 3164 is a 100-micron thick soft PVC film and is perfect for short- and medium-term outdoor applications. The Orajet 3164 has a permanent polyacrylate adhesive and is available in gloss white or matt white.

The Oracal 3164 has a life span of up to 4 years and is suitable for application on indoor and outdoor flat surfaces. The Orajet 3164 is suitable for inkjet printing with solvent-based, UV, and latex inks. The 3164 Orajet vinyl is perfect for promotional signage and exhibition work. The Orajet 3164 allows you to create colourful and eye-catching advertising prints and is easy to apply onto flat surfaces.




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