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The Vinyl Corporation is happy to provide the Oramask 810 stencil film . The top-of-the-line self-adhesive stencil film in the sign production and supply catalogue is the Oracal 810. The Oramask 810 stencil film is used by traditional sign writers and vinyl cutters because it works well with any type of vinyl plotter, including silhouette cameo craft cutters and wide format flatbed plotters.  


Paint Mask stencil film from ORAMASK

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The translucent matte finish of the Oramask 810 Stencil film gives it great transparency for precise alignment, registration, and positioning prior to brushing or spraying. This allows for a crisp edge definition, a very simple release process, and no residue to be left on the substrate. For use with water-based or low saturation solvent-based prints, the Oramask 810 comes with a low tack water-based acrylic adhesive.  

The thin, 80 micron Oramask 810 stencil film is flexible. The best Paint Mask Self-Adhesive film and Spray Mask Stencils are produced as a consequence, as the self-adhesive stencil film is comfortable for usages such as complex curves, uneven surfaces, or semi-flexible substrates for a variety of spray and paint techniques  


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Suitable for a variety of textiles, including Cotton, Polyester, and Cotton/Poly Blends. Both a household iron and a heat press can be used to adhere our glitter heat press vinyl to textiles. It is the ideal choice for intricate and high-quality logos, writing, and graphics for sportswear, t-shirts, baseball caps, and other clothing items that need durable vinyl.   

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F.A.Q | the vinyl corporation

What is the purpose of Oramask masking film?   

In particular, paint and spray procedures on flat, smooth, inflexible substrates and surfaces were developed for use with paint and stain stencil applications. applications that demand the paint mask’s transparency for substrate visibility.    


How sticky is stencil film?   

For quickly and easily applying patterns or designs to wood for carving or scroll sawing, use stencil film.  


 What is the film for?  

The film was created for stencil applications, particularly for paint and spray techniques on difficult curves, unequal or semi-flexible substrates, and surfaces needing mask transparency for substrate visibility. Applications include signage in general, promotional signage, and vehicle lettering. It is a highly flexible film with outstanding weed-stripping capabilities, making it ideal for designs on both flat and irregular surfaces. Its translucent dyeing makes it possible to see through to the surface below. The removable polyacrylate adhesive in ORAMASK 810 is water-based and won’t leave any residues behind when removed. Not appropriate for use with moisture.  


What distinguishes vinyl stencil from stencil film?   the difference between vinyl stencil and stencil film | the vinyl corporation

 One of the biggest noticeable things is how much more flexible and user-friendly the stencil film is. It lacks grid lines and has a more matte feel.  


About stencil film  

  • usually used for exhibitions, vehicle writing, stencil painting, painting, and spraying.   
  • High suppleness: suitable for both smooth and textured surfaces.   
  • a matte-surfaced, translucent-gray, tinted, special PVC film.    
  • Polyacrylate adhesive with low adhesive strength  


Surface recommendation Glass, plastic, metal, wood  

Note : The surfaces to which the material will be applied must be completely clean and free of any debris, grease, or other impurities that can hinder the substance’s adhesion. Surfaces that have recently been painted or lacquered should be let at least three weeks to dry completely. Prior to applying the material, the user should test the compatibility of the chosen lacquers and paints.  


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