Pearl Glitter HTV FLEX

What is HTV?

HTV is heat transfer vinyl, this is applied to dance wear,sportswear or fashion wear by plotting the desired lettering,logos or designs and then applying them to the garment by using a heatpress, this is always recommended by The Vinyl Corporation as a domestic iron will rarely achieve a high enough temperature to fully integrate the HTV within the fabric of the garment being pressed.

Pearl Glitter Flex


There have rarely been times within the sportswear and fashion clothing industry where a product has generated this level of excitement, certainly The Vinyl Corporation has been selling HTV as in Hot Flex Ultra, Flock, holographic HTV for many years, However, the introduction of the Pearl Glitter Flex has taken clothing decoration to a whole new level, with endless possibilities, only limited by the designers imagination.

Which Apparel to apply Pearl Glitter HTV Flex to?

The Pearl Glitter HTV Flex can be applied to a wide variety of products and materials, for example all fabrics that are Cotton, polyester and Cotton mixtures and polyester/acrylic mixed fabrics receive the Pearl Glitter Flex very well, Sports Bags, gym wear, clubbing and hen night

or fancy dress outfits can be customised to great effect using a combination of colours from the 29 vibrant colour range, SIX of these being Neon, day glow shades.

How to use Pearl Glitter Flex?

The initial handling of this brand NEW product will feel softer and thinner than any previous HTV , this makes it easier to plot, weed and bond into the chosen substrate that the Pearl Glitter HTV Flex is being applied to, this should be pressed for 15-18 seconds, with medium pressure at 155-165 degrees and then have a cool release for the best possible results, the garment can be washed upto 60 degrees, The Vinyl Corporation always recommends that when the garment is placed in a high temperature dryer that the garment should be turned inside out or placed inside a pillowcase to preserve the graphics.

Are All 29 Vibrant colours of Pearl Glitter Flex HTV in Stock?

The whole exciting new range of Pearl Glitter HTV Flex is in stock at our centrally located warehouse facility, ready for immediate collection or dispatch, should you have any technical questions regarding the all new Pearl Glitter HTV Flex or it’s applications please contact our dedicated help desk on 0115 930 1133 or just order online at