Polymeric Solvent Printable Vinyl

vinyl flowers on truck

MPI2800 Print Media & DOL2800 Laminate

For when you want digitally printed, durable graphics, look no further than the Avery 2800 Series


This media is ideal for printed and overlaminated applications with a 3 – 4 year life expentancy, as this Polymeric media is so versatile it can be applied over flat surfaces and simple curves and offers an amazing substrate for eyecatching graphics.

The benefits of using MPI2800 are:

High Opacity which enables you to over post applications, reducing the different stocks you have to hold
Great results at a great price
Promise of Avery Quality material

Recommended Areas of Use:

Medium life external and internal advertising and signage
Printed vehicles graphics for use on flat and slightly curved surfaces
Can be used on difficult substrates – PE or PU
Window Graphics

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DOL2800 Laminate

Polymeric Laminate which is a perfect partner to the MPI2800 Polymeric Print Media, it has been designed as a short to medium term overlaminating material for printed images on flat and slightly curved surfaces.

Also protects against UV radiation and abrasion and can improve durability of image

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