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Wide Format Self Adhesive Printable Vinyl

The type of self adhesive vinyl that will be selected will depend on the Printer, The Inks and the expected outcome and purpose that the printed vinyl is going to be used for. The self adhesive printable vinyl can be for promotional advertisement such as exhibition graphics or retail sales signage, when REMOVABLE VINYL such as the ORAJET 3162 will be recommended because of the excellent print quality and ease of removing it after the event. The Printed Graphics might be for Lorry or store signage which is required to endure the rigours of weather and wear and tear for a period of time estimated to be Seven years in which case the ORAJET 3751 will be recommended with the appropriate Clear Gloss or Matt Laminate to prolong the life span and keep the graphics looking fresh, even after being exposed to Ultra Violet rays.

Heat transfer Vinyl (HTV) or Garment Films

There are many types of printable garment vinyl films available in the UK market place, The Vinyl Corporation has researched many different manufacturers brands and film constructions, but for peace of mind and a good return on investment, the Premium High Quality HTV that we recommend can be found on the Web shop along with the self coloured cutting HTV and Hotflex Ultra range of T-shirt vinyl, which has proved to be the market leader for over twenty years, with some minor adjustments but still the same basic winning formulation that cuts easily, weeds well and presses smoothly to give a long lasting professional result. These same qualities have been adopted when the HTV PRINTING VINYL was produced and then it was tested on ALL the leading makes of Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV and latex wide format printers with the proprietary brand inks.

Which Vinyl Do the professionals choose?

The Vinyl Corporation have been supplying Self adhesive vinyl products for 35 years and during that time the usage and uses of vinyl have changed considerably, the Professional Installers always insist that the material is specified and manufactured by a proprietary manufacturer udded advantage of having Rapid air release systems for trapped air to egress while fitting the installers job is considerably quicker and easier for dry applications.

Printing machine, Ink, Vinyl and knowledge!

The Vinyl Corporation can advise on ALL aspects of Digital Printing on Self Adhesive Vinyl, the most important aspect is to achieve compatibility between the machine, the inks used and the vinyl. The Vinyl Corporation will always recommend that whichever Self adhesive vinyl is chosen then the corresponding LAMINATE, from the same manufacturer is used to protect the printed film, as it will have similar properties and perform in a similar manner when applied. The Vinyl Corporation have a dedicated Helpdesk on 0115 930 1133 for any help advice and SPECIAL OFFERS – such as the INTERCOAT MEDIA and LAMINATE  currently at £1.50 pm at 1370mm wide!