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Fluorescent Vinyl

The Vinyl Corporation has been wholesaling sign making supplies in the UK for 30 years, an important aspect of sign making materials is the High Visibility (Hi Viz) range of Neon, Day Glo self adhesive vinyl for conspicuity signage and vehicle safety markings as well as Exhibition Graphics and Promotional signage - studies have shown that Fluorescent Vinyl Signs are noticed 75% sooner than standard vinyl lettering and signs. The Fluorescent vinyl films that The Vinyl Corporation supply are CAD/CAM cutting vinyl films, with a 150 micron thickness making this vinyl ideal for applying to blank magnetic signs or using as vinyl stickers, like a Fablon sticky back plastic decal.

High Visibility - Fluorescent Yellow vinyl rolls are used to create Chapter 8 vinyl chevrons, usually in conjunction with Chapter 8 reflective Red Chevrons, these should be 150mm wide and displayed at a 45degree angle across the rear of a vehicle to comply with Chapter 8 safety standards for motorway emergency and recovery vehicle markings, the required specifications can be found on The Vinyl Corporation information index, under Chapter 8 vehicle markings.

ORACAL 6510 Vinyl - The Vinyl Corporation usually advises the use of Cast Fluorescent Oracal 6510 vinyl for short term, high impact sign work, or Oracal 7510 Premium Cast vinyl rolls for longer term applications and Chapter Eight vehicle markings, the Avery Dennison Fluorescent vinyl can also be supplied as can the 3M and Ritrama vinyl, where the project requires this specification, but the life of any Fluorescent vinyl is always going to depend on the application of the graphics and the angle of display to the Sunlight as the Ultra Violet rays tend to degrade the fluorescent pigment, so an additional uva/uvb filter protection film is sometimes added.

EASE OF FITTING - Neon Vinyl for signs is usually 120-150 microns thick, making it easy to handle and apply to vehicles - such as bus advertising, POP Displays, labels and decals. The majority of Yellow Day Glo Fluorescent vinyl is used in chevrons with Red Reflective Chevrons for safety markings. However, many of the other neon Fluorescent colours are used for high impact advertising messages on Shop windows, showrooms, demonstration and courtesy cars, anywhere that High Impact Hi Viz signs are required.