vinyl cast police car

Reflective Self Adhesive Vinyl – RETRO REFLECTIVE VINYL is manufactured by adding glass beads to the pigment of the vinyl face film,when these beads have been embedded into the face film of the REFLECTIVE VINYL FILM they reflect the light back to the source of illumination,another method of producing RETRO REFLECTIVE VINYL is to mould tiny prisms into the face film, this is known as “MICRO PRISMATIC VINYL” so the vehicle headlights enable the driver to see a REFLECTIVE STRIPE on the side of a lorry, or the rear of an EMERGENCY VEHICLE, these directions are covered later in the CHAPTER 8 regulations.



This is an enclosed film or lens using the glass beads or prismatic optical technology, this is a general purpose REFLECTIVE SHEETING which can be used for general lettering and logos when the level of REFLECTIVITY is not critical such as parking signs and way-finding signs or STICKERS and DECALS which can either be cut or printed and cut. ENGINEERING GRADE REFLECTIVE SHEETING VINYL uses a very aggressive acrylic adhesive that gives it a superb initial grab, but makes it very difficult to remove after it has cured over time! necessitating the use of RAPID REMOVER or the very popular AVERY ADHESIVE REMOVER after using  the QR TOOL exclusively available from THE VINYL CORPORATION. The ENGINEERING GRADE VINYL is also categorised as “CLASS RA1 ”


VINYL that is referred to as HIGH INTENSITY PRISMATIC VINYL is usually identified by having a “HONEYCOMB PATTERN” this is much more REFLECTIVE and more durable than ENGINEERING GRADE REFLECTIVE as the lenses in HIP REFLECTIVE VINYL reflect a greater amount of light back to the driver making it more suitable for permanent TRAFFIC SIGNS, Cones and traffic barriers


This can be a MICRO PRISMATIC REFLECTIVE VINYL  known by brand names such as DIAMOND GRADE (DG3) because 3M call their DIAMOND GRADE REFLECTIVE which is a CUBE PRISMATIC REFLECTIVE , “DIAMOND GRADE” other names are “CRYSTAL GRADE REFLECTIVE VINYL” and CUBE REFLECTIVE  but the quality and grade of the REFLECTIVE VINYL is the important factor, under BS EN 12899-1 2007 the specifier of ROAD SIGNAGE must not specify a particular technology type or trade name for the REFLECTIVE VINYL and should simply refer to the class of REFLECTIVE SHEETING required . The CUBE PRISMATIC REFLECTIVE VINYL returns 60% of the available light to vehicle drivers which is almost double the amount that HIP  REFLECTIVE VINYL reflects.


THE VINYL CORPORATION  have been advising and supplying the SIGN TRADE with CHAPTER 8 REFLECTIVE and FLUORESCENT VINYL  for many years and the relevant Government Legislation can be found on our website under SPECIALITY VINYL and then the sub heading of “CHAPTER 8 COMPLIANT” as the regulations advise the usage of 150mm wide RED REFLECTIVE VINYL applied at 45 degree angles across the rear of a motorway maintenance vehicle, The Vinyl Corporation  suggest the AURA 191 RED REFLECTIVE  VINYL  and the AURA 139 YELLOW FLUORESCENT  or the ORACAL 7510  for an even longer life span on the LEAD CHROMATE FREE yellow DAYGLO VINYL


THE VINYL CORPORATION  can advise and supply every grade of REFLECTIVE VINYL that may be required for any eventuality, Please call THE VINYL CORPORATION helpdesk on 0115 930 1133 for FREE advice and we will be pleased to help you select the correct REFLECTIVE VINYL product to fulfil your SIGN WRITING project.