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The Vinyl Corporation has been providing Signmaking and supplies and sign making vinyl rolls to vinyl cutters and professional users of sign making equipment for over 30 years, to produce Exhibition Graphics and display graphics for events to promote Brand awareness, whether this is an indoor exhibition hall that requires Exhibition Graphics or an outdoor arena that requires sponsorship advertising vinyl signs and signboards or a village fete that uses Banner Fabric with Banner vinyl stuck to the Banner material to promote the event, as The Vinyl Corporation are renown for Banner making supplies and custom graphics.


Most Exhibition graphics are manufactured from Matt / Matte vinyl to eliminate the glare as many bright lights are use to illuminate exhibition graphics which are usually produced out of Economy Vinyl such as Ritrama matt vinyl or more recently a Digital media for solvent printing might be used with a Matt Llaminate to reduce the glare and make the Exhibition Graphics more visible.


Holographic and iridescent self adhesive vinyl can be used to good effect to be eye catching Exhibition Graphics, sometimes in certain events Fluoresecent or Dayglo vinyl might be employed to attract attention as indeed Mirror Gold Vinyl can be used as a highlight accent, always ensuring that the surfaces are properly prepared by using Avery Surface Cleaner.


During an event that incorporates Exhibition Graphics it is imperative that the Exhibitors do not ignore 30% of the advertising space – The Floor Talk,this is an opportunity that print suppliers and Digital Printing Media Suppliers will always try and incorporate in the display graphics program, this product is a two part system that usually involves a large format solvent printing material that will be printed on sign printing equipment and then the self adhesive vinyl will be applied and a Floor Graphic Laminate then affixed as the top coat, this will be a non slip laminate that also protects the vinyl lettering and the Digital Print Media


As Exhibition Graphics are usually a short term project, an Economy Matt Vinyl is chosen, this can be a removable wall vinyl such as Ritrama or a Digital Printing Vinyl with a Matt Laminate is going to fulfill the main criteria -so don’t settle for Fablon Sticky Back Plastic as The Vinyl Corporation have a team of dedicated experts willing to advise the most appropriate vinyl for your Exhibition Graphics.