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The Vinyl Corporation has been providing Sign Making and Supplies to the Sign Trade and garment printing industry for over 30 years and as such can help and advise the Vinyl Cutter as to the best Self Adhesive Sign Vinyl or GARMENT VINYL to be utilised on a particular project.Jacket Vinyl, as with most clothing Vinyl is better applied with the exact stipulation of heat and release that is recommended by the GARMENT VINYL manufacturer, to achieve the best outcome.Jacket vinyl as with most Garment vinyl choices can range from Hot Flex Ultra to glitter and sparkle vinyl depending on the material the Vinyl Decals are to be heat transferred onto and the desired effect for the finished Garment it might be TShirt Vinyl for TEAM SUPPLIES, FLUORESCENT PINK for a hen night, CHROME MIRROR VINYL for a bowling team or even GLITTER and Metallic Foil finish for eye catching Corporate Branding.


Jacket or GARMENT VINYL can be widely used in the Craft and Fashion Vinyl trade, for styling and accenting on student design projects or fancy dress costumes, the possibilities are endless with Sign Making Vinyl Supplies from The Vinyl Corporation.


GARMENT VINYL can be Digitally printed with SOLVENT, ECO SOLVENT, UV OR LATEX printers prior to being heat pressed onto the Jaket, whether you have a SILHOUETTE CAMEO Vinyl plotter or the state of the Art Flatbed print and cutting equipment, heat trasfer vinyl suppliers can fulfil your requirements to enable your outfit to produce Signmaking clothing printing whether it is Holographic and Sparkling Vinyl or a photograph on Heat Press T-Shirt Vinyl The Vinyl Corpoation are the Heat transfer Vinyl Suppliers that can advise the best route to take for your desired outcome.


CLOTHING VINYL can come in many different colours, sizes, qualities and designs, but which ever one you select it really does need to be durable whether it is GLOW IN THE DARK, CHROME FOIL, GLITTER TSHIRT VINYL or a bespoke Gold Chrome Mirror Vinyl design for a leading Rock Band the longevity and retention of the vibrant colours is very important with all TShirt Vinyl and TEAM SUPPLIES and The Vinyl Corporation is the primary supplier of HEAT TRANSFER VINYL whether it is Glitter Flex, Flock, Nylo cut or EASY PRINT garment vinyl.