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The Vinyl Corporation have been the UK major Clothing and Garment Vinyl Suppliers for sign and signmaking supplies for over 30 years, within that time the Sign Vinyl and Sign Making Vinyl supply industry has changed dramatically with Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV and latex Digital Printable Vinyl for T-Shirt and garment branding and decoration.As well as Vinyl cut lettering and logos that can be cut and Heat Transfer Vinyl pressed onto a garment there are also Flock and Flex vinyl films for clothing, these can be regular colours, Metallic Vinyl, Chrome Mirror Vinyl, Glitter and metallic foil finish or even Glow in the dark Photoluminescent vinyl that can have the image cut out, and then apply the heat adhesive vinyl to the required Garment.HEAT TRANSFER VINYL SUPPLIERS are very keen to ensure that the correct vinyl is selected for the type of material that the garment is manufactured from, so if it is a polyester/ cotton mixed fabric and a Gold Chrome Mirror Vinyl is to be applied to it, then The Vinyl Corporation would recommend the Hotflex Ultra Vinyl is the material to be selected whether it is being cut on a SILHOUETTE CAMEO plotter from a CRAFT VINYL SUPPLIER or on a flatbed Vinyl Cutter.


HEAT TRANSFER VINYL (HTV) is the most popular choice of branding or decorating a t-shirt with vinyl, if it is a FLUORESCENT PINK DAYGLO VINYL for a Hen Night, or TSHRT VINYL for TEAM SUPPLIES the principles of application are still the same and instructions on the cutting, weeding heat pressing and finishing as well as aftercare and washing tips can be found on The Vinyl Corporation BLOG page.


Signmaking clothing printing and the success of this will depend on selecting the correct Digital Print Vinyl that is going to be heat pressed onto the T SHIRT,Sign making clothing printing will usually require the use of EASY PRINT, sometimes called EASI PRINT which is placed onto the garment , then GARMENT APPLICATION TAPE is applied before the HEAT TRANSFER VINYL is pressed onto the TEE SHIRT, this is also the same for Holographic and sparkling vinyl designs which require printing on a Digital Printing Vinyl Media.


The T-shirt vinyl that is Heat Transfer Vinyl or Easy Print Digital Media for Solvent Printing and other DigitalPrint Media supplies from The Vinyl Corporation are tried and tested under industry standard tests and all perform to a high standard, as shown in the specification sheet for Vinyl testing.


The Hotflex Ultra flex and flock Garment Vinyl are very easy to cut on a small craft cutter or a large wide format plotter, whether it is SPARKLE VINYL BY THE ROLL , or Fashion Vinyl for a student project the vinyl is easy to use and the products are all engineered to be user friendly, any difficulties please consult your knowledgeable experts at The Vinyl Corporation.