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The Vinyl Corporation has been providing Sign making Vinyl and Signmaking Supplies for over 30 years, Wall Art Sign makers generally prefer an Economy Matt Vinyl or Removable Wall Vinyl to facilitate re-decoration at a later date.Wall Art Vinyl is usually a Matte Vinyl Film as this prevents the glare of lights indoors whether this is a domestic wall art, a Gallery or Exhibition style Vinyl Graphic installation.More contemporary Vinyl Wall Art can be created out of Chrome or Gold Mirror Vinyl, Red Carbon Fibre,Fablon, Sticky Back Plastic,iridescent vinyl, Holographic vinyl or even Digital Media for Solvent Inkjet Printing in a Matt finish or even with a Matt Laminate.


Wall Art Vinyl can be fashioned from an Economy Monomeric Vinyl, whether that is a Matt Removable Wall vinyl or a Digital printing vinyl, as these Vinyl Graphics are to be applied internally and as such are not going to be exposed to the elements and UV rays.


Removable wall art vinyl is as easy to apply as all other vinyl graphics, as long as it is applied with the correct application paper or tape, then a Vinyl Squeegee is used to affix the Vinyl Graphic to the Wall, It is not generally considered necessary to Laminate a Digital print Vinyl, as it is internal – unless it is installed in a public area such as a shopping centre or Airport and then an over laminate is advisable, possibly even an Anti Graffiti Laminate to protect the Vinyl Graphics and Vinyl Lettering.

The Vinyl Corporation has vast experience in providing Vinyl Sign making Supplies and Wall Art Vinyl rolls to Sign Makers, there is a dedicated team of experts on hand to advise you of the most suitable Matt Removable Wall Vinyl or Digital Media for Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV or Latex inkjet printing, to achieve the best results with your current project.