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Frosted vinyl creates a simple, clean and professional appearance on glass windows and panes. Available in a range of styles, frosted vinyl can create an etched glass effect for your designs, or can utilise negative space to create patterns or working that looks like it was cut out from the glass.

Frosted vinyl is ideal for a range of industries and environments, including cafes, museums, offices and retail, for including the name of your business on your entrance way, or just adding some branding or creative life to your interior. Frosted vinyl is also perfect for creating a sense of privacy for certain rooms or areas, such as meeting rooms or offices while retaining a collaborative and open-flow environment and allowing light to enter the rooms.

Frosted vinyl is a better alternative to sandblasting glass panes, as it is:

Easy to apply. Frosted vinyl is simply fixed to the glass, while sandblasting involves a long process of removing the glass window or pane, sanding the glass and reinstalling it.

Doesn’t go transparent. Unlike sandblasted glass, frosted vinyl doesn’t go transparent if wet or exposed to hot and steamy conditions that you may find in kitchens or cafés.

Strong. Frosted vinyl adds strength to your glass panes or windows while sandblasting weakens the glass by sanding layers off it.

Changeable. Frosted vinyl can be simply removed and replaced while sandblasting is irreversible and will require your company to buy and replace the entire glass pane or window.

Frosted vinyl is a simple, easy-to-use vinyl that creates unique designs, signage and private spaces. High quality and durable, frosted vinyl can be used for a variety of purposes for any industry.

For over 25 years, the Vinyl Corporation has been successfully supplying wholesale vinyl to our UK customer base. Dedicated to our customers, we understand your sign-making needs and provide high quality vinyl rolls at the best possible prices, with speedy delivery.

The Vinyl Corporation supply many different types of Window graphics vinyl whether it is Etched glass vinyl, dusted and silver etched tape, mirror vinyl or window tint for offices, shops or car tinting or Transparent vinyl for decorative designs or advertising vinyl shop window signs. when a one way vision sign is printed on perforated vinyl, or as it is sometimes referred to as Contravision, this is a branded product that is printed to cover a bus or shop window and it enables one to see from the inside out, but not to see inside from the outside, as car window tint also works on the disequilibrium of light transmission affording privacy and security from this window tinting.

Decorative – Window graphics can be pictorial displays or printed scenes, whether this is in a domestic setting as on a conservatory window or promotional advertising on a shop window or even advertising along the side of a bus that wraps over the bus window, but still allows the occupants of the bus to view out of the window

Safety – Many large plate glass windows can become “Invisible” when bright sunlight shines through them, to overcome this hazard etched glass effect vinyl stickers can be employed in the form of 50mm frosted bands or 50mm frosted dots can be supplied on a roll of application paper or tape – sticky back plastic to the rescue again!

Added benefits of window graphics- as well as providing decoration, should there be a breakage the self adhesive vinyl whether it is Transparent vinyl, window tint or mirror vinyl will actually keep the shards and splinters of glass together and avoid extra injuries from flying glass. Also Anti carjacking and Bomb Blast materials are available from The Vinyl Corporation which can easily be applied with the correct Tint Tools.