HOW TO SELECT the correct Digital Printing Vinyl . . . . .

orajet 3164 vinyl

Choosing the RIGHT VINYL

When embarking on a Digital printing project, where SELF ADHESIVE SIGNAGE is to be applied to a vehicle or substrate, it is critical that the correct grade of SOLVENT PRINTING VINYL is selected to match the requirements and exceed the expectations placed on the SELF ADHESIVE PRINTING VINYL. Firstly which brand of vinyl will you choose, there are many manufacturers of SIGN MAKING VINYL and plenty of suppliers of GLOSSY WHITE PRINTING VINYL from all around the World.However, The Vinyl Corporation has tried and tested ALL the worthy producers offerings and after over thirty years of evaluation the conclusion is either AVERY DENNISON or OROFOL VINYL in the form of ORAJET, ORAGUARD or ORACAL VINYL are the most consistent and deliver the most reliable results time after time.



For the “Go To” general purpose Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV or Latex Digital printing self adhesive media at the economical price point ORAJET 3164 Rapid Air or the removable version being the ORACAL 3162 are the user friendly, durable, versatile choices that The Vinyl Corporation would recommend, since the RAPID AIR technology has been introduced to the ORAJET printing range the application of VINYL GRAPHICS and DECALS has become quicker, easier and more cost effective as it reduces scrappage and waste.The majority of professional signmakers in the UK that have used the ORAJET 3164 RA have subsequently added it to their range of products offered, as it has proved to be a “Cost effective option, without it being a Cheap Vinyl” as the quality and durability are a given at a surprisingly LOW PRICE.


With VINYL SIGNAGE that is to be positioned in a vulnerable position, such as by a fuel tank or an area of likely abrasion, then if the DIGITAL PRINT has been manufactured on Gloss white or MATT WHITE VINYL then the ORAJET CLEAR 3164- 000 GLOSS or MATT can be overlaid and then the VINYL PRINT will be protected. Clearly the benefit of laminating the Orajet printed graphic with the same product, but the TRANSPARENT VINYL version of it, will give excellent results as the two VINYL FILMS will perform in exactly the same manner and so reducing the chances of any negative reaction or shrinkage.


Should the SIGN MAKER select the 760mm x50m roll of Orajet 3164 this will only cost £55  equating to £1.10 per running meter, for this quality four year VINYL FILM, should the SIGN and SIGN MAKING SUPPLIES dictate that 1370mm x 50m rolls be used then the costing is Only £87 per roll and The Vinyl Corporation hold a wide variety of widths in stock, from TWO METER rolls down to 305mm rolls and everywhere in between, as well as the full range of widths of PRINT LAMINATES and CLEAR TRANSPARENT LAMINATES and OVERLAYS.


When the SIGN MAKER requires a higher specification of VINYL either for a longer life or for a more complex application, involving curves, creases and rivets then a 70 Micron POLYMERIC VINYL FILM will be recommended, the best in class for this requirement is the ORACAL polymeric print vinyl : ORAJET 3551 with or without the AIR EGRESS system named by ORAFOL as RAPID AIR, which delivers an easy application which is bubble free and gives a rapid air release avoiding trapping pockets of air to be released later and so speeding up the application process and saving time and money in the long run.


The Vinyl Corporation are promoting this high performance polymeric bundle and to do so 1370mm x 50m of 3551 and 1370mm x50m of ORAGUARD 215 is being offered for ONLY £399 ! for the complete bundle . . . please contact our very helpful and friendly sales desk on 0115 930 133

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