Self Adhesive Etched Glass Vinyl

self adhesive glass vinyl on bottle

What Is Etched Glass Vinyl?

Self Adhesive Etched Glass Vinyl Film, or Etch Vinyl, is a vinyl coated with a permanent adhesive that when affixed to glass or any other transparent substrate will create the same effect as if the surface had been etched or blasted. The surface of the face film can be either smooth or textured but gives the visual impression of the glass being processed by chemical etching or sand blasting.


Where Can etched glass vinyl be used?

The areas that tend to be best served by the usage of ETCH VINYL or Silver etched vinyl film is the Office for internal privacy panels or feature interest windows.

Branding and Safety Manifestations, or around the home from entrance glazing, conservatories, shower doors, kitchen splash backs, tumblers or wine glasses as it is dishwasher safe!


The Vinyl Corporation stocks and distributes many different Brands of Etched Glass Vinyl in many different colours, shades, textures and grades but the “GO-TO” Etch Glass Vinyl is the LG Chem 4510 this Silver Etched Vinyl film is the most popular and widely used product as it is versatile with a Nine year internal or seven year external life span, with absolutely no traces of discolouration, shrinking or migration in that timeframe. The Vinyl Corporation are also very pleased to supply ORACAL window Etched VINYL along with the MACTAC and AVERY Etched Glass Vinyl, the RiMark Coloured Etched film is a popular choice with Architects for external glazed balcony panels

and within the Marine Industry, however the most versatile and user friendly Window Etch Vinyl is the SILVER LG ETCHED vinyl.

Legal Requirements: What is regulation 14?

REGULATION 14 of the workplace Health and Safety Act 1992 clearly states that EVERY window, transparent or translucent surface in a door or gate shall, where necessary be marked to make it apparent. This is one of the main uses for LG ETCHED Vinyl for Manifestation markings on office, shop or showroom windows because in certain lighting conditions a clean, clear plate glass window can “disappear “ and only reappear when the victim has walked or driven into it! The solution is repetitive patterned manifestations, usually 50 mm high placed in a band, or sometimes twin bands at different levels to make the glazed partition or window visible in all conditions.


The Vinyl Corporation recommends that proprietary brand equipment is used to cut and process ETCHED VINYL the beauty of this self adhesive vinyl is that it doesn’t require any specialist machinery or tooling to convert it, so a pair of scissors, an AUTO LOCK SNAP OFF trimming knife or SWANN Morton Blades with either fixed or RETRACTABLE handle can be used for hand cutting projects. The ETCHED GLASS VINYL film is also compatible with ALL vinyl cutting machines from reel to reel and flatbed monster machines right through to the personal hobby and craft machines such as CRICUT MAKER, SILHOUETTE CAMEO, GRAPHTEC and CRAFT ROBO cutters, so the LG CHEM 4510 SILVER ETCHED VINYL is truly versatile in every way.


The LG Window Etch is a very versatile film but there are certain settings and scenarios that would really be better served by the employment of alternative Vinyl films for example the ORACAL 8300 TRANSPARENT vinyl for stained glass effect to car headlight tinting.


The ORACAL TRANSLUCENT vinyl mainly for light boxes or even WINDOW TINT range of products that The Vinyl Corporation stock.


The One Way Vision film is also sold under the brand name of Contravision is also very popular in the printed format within the automotive industry. Should windows need to be totally obscured for security reasons then BLACK OUT WHITE vinyl is the ideal choice and should the client require coloured vinyl GLOSS EXTERIOR then ORACAL 651 or MATT Interior signage or panels then ORACAL 631 should any further advice be required then please contact the dedicated help desk on 0115 930 1133 or email the friendly team on