Sign Making and Vinyl Wrapping Film

vinyl for car wrapping

The Vinyl Corporation have been supplying self adhesive vinyl products to the Automotive, Marine and Sign Making Industries for over thirty five years, Through this period there have been many changes in material manufacturing processes and product usage.


The selection of vinyl will largely be determined by the clients specification for a particular project whether this be a shop frontage or a fleet of vehicles, so the colours, shades and grades of vinyl film will be dominant factors, giving way to application criteria and budgetary price points.

Which is the best sign making vinyl?

This is a frequently asked question, the answer is: “What are your requirements ,where is it to be applied and what is your working materials budget?” The Vinyl Corporation will usually start with a standard recommendation of ORACAL 651 for gloss vinyl and ORACAL 631 as the go to MATT VINYL and then adjust the advice depending on the previously mentioned factors.


HOW Long will Sign Vinyl Film Last?

Another popular question from clients, this will depend on the type of vinyl chosen and the position it is placed relative to the Sunlight, as the majority of vinyl film deterioration is due to exposure to Ultra Violet rays. This is why a quality Cast Vinyl such as the ORACAL 751 or the AVERY 700 series vinyl is recommended for projects where a lifespan in excess of three to four years is expected, for the more demanding applications and where greater durability is required then the ORACAL 951 Premium Cast film or the AVERY 900 Supercast Vinyl will be suggested, these products will give good, reliable service for nine years, assuming that they are applied correctly on a vertical plane.

Which Is The Best Wrap to buy?

Vinyl Wrapping filmwhether it is a plane, boat, car or kitchen will only be as good as the skills of the Wrapper, previous blogs explain how the best results can be obtained when undertaking a wrapping project, but here we are dealing with “The Best Wrap To Buy” clearly this is subjective however certain brands and grades of vinyl Wrapping film from proprietary Brands have stood the test of time and delivered consistently good results, when applied professionally, for Colour changes the ORACAL 970RA or the AVERY SUPREME VINYL WRAPPING FILM are the stand out products. Should the wrapper be printing the Wrapping Film prior to the application then the

ORAJET 3951 PROSLIDE with the corresponding 290F CAST Laminate will certainly provide great results.

Architectural wrapping films come in many textures, finishes and colours but The Vinyl Corporation will recommend the LG HAUSYS Architectural Wrapping Films,


Delivering great results consistently at a price point that will still leave a margin for the installation.

How much does vinyl wrap cost?


“We get what we pay for, or sometimes what we deserve “ So many times we hear the stories of guys buying “ Cheap wrap on eBay “ and then visiting a professional installer who then charges them to remove the three year MONOMERIC Vinyl and replace it with either ORACAL 970RA or AVERY Supreme vinyl wrapping film. The Vinyl Corporation recommend that an undertaking such as wrapping a vehicle or an office suite is done once and done correctly. Buy the correct materials and employ a professional to apply it. The simple answer to the question is £14.50 – £42.50 per running metre 1520mm wide, depending on the colour, brand and effect that is desired or even £124 per metre for the unparalleled AVERY Supreme Conform CHROME Wrapping Vinyl.

Will vinyl wrapping my car affect the paintwork?

Vinyl Wrapping film will preserve the paintwork, protect the gel coat on your boat and add longevity to your vinyl wrapped furniture…… long as it is applied correctly! Should the subsequent owner of a wrapped vehicle decide to revert back to the original colours, then the removal and restoration should be straight forward and leave no permanent or lasting evidence of the previous colour change or Branding images, the only exception to this might be with a partial wrap where the unwrapped paintwork has been exposed to the ultraviolet rays and faded faster than the wrapped areas.

Sign making vinyl and wrapping films

The Vinyl Corporation base their recommendations on many years of experience and listening to the observations of professional installers and only supplying materials which perform to the professional standards that they expect and deserve consistently. There is a dedicated help desk at The Vinyl Corporation where technical issues and enquiries can be addressed, as well as best practice and material recommendations can be suggested on 0115 930 1133 or as well as the very popular web shop where SPECIAL OFFERS and CLEARANCE STOCK can be found like the SATIN BLACK Vinyl on offer at £25 for 610 mm x50m or £50 for 1220 mm x50m and other products which are refreshed daily.