“Sign Making Vinyl Suppliers ” and “SIGN VINYL SUPPLIERS”


In the current UK marketplace there are many sources from which to purchase the Self Adhesive Vinyl for Sign Making, There are Manufacturers who attempt to supply the mainstream market directly, there are Super Distributors that stock and resell multi brands of VINYL and there are Sole franchise resellers, along with eBay traders and other online only sales organisations. The choice of SIGN MAKING VINYL SUPPLIERS is now wider than it has ever been, offering a wide choice of proprietary brands such as ORACAL, AVERY, 3M, LG,Ri-Mark and MACTAC which are generally distributed through approved, well regulated organisations with premises in the UK and backing their products with warrantees and guarantees, unlike the often less well regulated Far East suppliers who operate , selling unbranded VINYL sign making materials on the internet, where the photograph can look like a roll of

ORAJET 3551 RA  and a roll of ORAGUARD 215 LAMINATE at a vastly cheaper price than would normally be paid in the UK – and yes, you’ve guessed it, when it arrives, eventually the material is not of the high quality ORACAL VINYL but some Chinese inferior imitation that does not perform well at all – this has been an issue recently with Carbon Fibre and CHROME VINYL , please be aware of cheap copies, as their returns policy is not the best, if you can locate where they are in the first place!


Sign Vinyl Suppliers can, in addition to just supplying SIGN MAKING VINYL also stock a good range of accessories from application fluid such as Rapidtak, Vinyl removal products and AVERY SURFACE CLEANER, again noting that Reputable, proprietary brands of products might cost a few pennies more, but when out on site it is so important that the product does not fail, and it does what it says on the tin! Whether it is AUTOKRAFT car stiping tape by ARLON or Vehicle Wrapping Film by ORACAL 970 RA or AVERY SUPREME wrapping film, the choice and range of Vinyl films has never been so wide, So it’s even more critical that good research and clear advice is given to match the correct product to the project which is being undertaken, to ensure the best outcome. To this end The Vinyl Corporation have installed a helpdesk, not just a sales team but properly trained and knowledgeable advisers to guide clients through this minefield of products and establish which is the most suitable for their requirements, this can be contacted on 0115 944 1774 or for more general browsing www.thevinylcorporation.co.uk .


As well as Sign making vinyl the better distributors will stock a comprehensive range of window films, these can be etch effect vinyl, Frosted Vinyl or window tinting film

in various colours, even as diverse as the Transparent 8300 Headlight tinting film for the car stylists, many Translucent, Transparent, Fluorescent, Reflective, Holographic and even Photo luminescent films are stocked, so let the experienced members of our dedicated team guide you towards making the best choice to satisfy your vinyl needs by calling The Vinyl Corporation Helpdesk on 0115 944 1774 and the friendly, helpful team will assist as much as possible.


The fast emerging market in the UK is the CRAFT VINYL cutter, some of these crafters make creative pieces of art for their own enjoyment, some supply name badges and logos to local teams and clubs and some have set up full time ebay and Facebook shops selling HTV and Vinyl Signs, with the price of the hardware becoming affordable £300-£400 as opposed to the basic sign making cutter thirty years ago, which cost £65,000 ! now a hobby or craft machine is within easy reach of most budgets, so The Vinyl Corporation can offer smaller quantity bundles of self adhesive VINYL and Heat transfer Vinyl (HTV) for the Crafter.Please browse the website www.thevinylcorporation.co.uk and call the dedicated helpdesk on 0115 944 1774 for friendly, helpful advice.


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