Oralite VC 612 Reflective


Here at The Vinyl Corporation, we are pleased to offer the Oralite VC 612. The Oralite reflective vinyl can be used for a variety of different purposes. Discover more about the Oralite reflective film today!

The Oralite VC 612 is a high performance flexible prismatic livery film and is made for easy application onto curved surfaces. The Oralite reflective film conforms to demands of vehicle shapes and is extremely flexible and easy to cut.

The Oralite reflective vinyl comes in a bright and eye-catching red which makes it perfect to use on vehicles such as police car’s, ambulance, and fire engines. As well as emergency vehicles the Oralite reflective vinyl is perfect for application onto vehicles such as motorbikes and scooters. The Oralite reflective film also withstands power washing and is applicator user-friendly.

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