Oramask stencil film

The Vinyl Corporation has traditionally provided sign vinyl and self adhesive vinyl products to be applied as graphics and Decals, However, there is a growing appetite for stencilling, whether within the commercial transport sector or the hobby, craft furniture up cycling areas of interest, for these particular projects the one Paint Mask Stencilling product that stands out head and shoulders above all the others within this market sector is the ORAMASK 810.


ORAMASK 810 Stencil Film is a specially formulated ultra removable, pressure sensitive, acrylic adhesive specifically engineered for where a peelable stencil or mask is required. The film and adhesive have been formulated and combined to work equally well on regular, smooth surfaces or irregular flexible substrates.

WHAT IS A STENCIL and what is a MASK?

A Stencil is an image or outline of a logo shape that is cut out from the ORAMASK 810 self adhesive stencil film, whereas a mask is the reverse of the stencil, or the negative, it is the inner shape of the stencil that has been removed. However, it is important to remember that these must be cut in reverse for glazed panels and office windows.

CAN WE USE ORACAL 631 as a stencil or Mask?

Yes, any self adhesive vinyl with a removable adhesive can be used as a stencil or a mask, However the ORAMASK 810 edges seal close to the substrate that it is being applied to, so giving a crisp, clean paint line when peeled back and removed.

WHY STENCIL, not Digitally Print the image

Certain projects require airbrush paint spraying, roller painting or brush painting, these can be traditional pub signs, craft projects, home decoration schemes or art projects, but when a paint stencil or masking is required ORAMASK 810 is the go to proven product for jobs large,as a Jumbo Jet, or as small as a chest of upcycled drawers.

WHAT SURFACES CAN ORAMASK 810 stencil film be used on?

Probably easier to list the substrates that ORAMASK 810 cannot be used on, as it is hugely effective on metal, glass, wood, lorry tilt covers, canvas, fabrics, Concrete, tarmac and brickwork and the list goes on, limited only by the artists imagination.

WHAT MAKES ORAMASK 810 stencil film the best paint mask stencil film?

The combination of the “ LOW TACK” adhesive, this product is sometimes referred to as “Low Tack” as it leaves no residue when removed, along with the translucent Matt grey flexible face film which allows the accurate positioning of the stencil each time.

How do we obtain ORAMASK 810 in the UK?

Simply by calling the help desk on 0115 930 1133 or order online

where large stocks of the ORAMASK 810 Stencil Film are waiting to be dispatched to you, next day.