Top Ten Creative Vinyl Signs and Wraps

vinyl wrap

Vinyl wraps and signs offer a great opportunity for your company to produce some truly creative and effective designs.

To help your business unlock the benefits of using vinyl, we’ve selected ten of our favourite creative vinyl signs and wraps to inspire your company.


  1. Iams dog tail wrap

This vinyl car wrap for Iams is a simple but creative way to advertise the company.

By using vinyl wraps on the windscreen wiper, it appears as if the dog is wagging its tail whenever the wipers move.

The windscreen wiper wrap gives the design an overall animated effect, letting the wrap come to life.


  1. National Geographic shark wrap

Not only does this bus have a visually engaging wrap of a shark, it also appears to eat the passengers by having the shark’s jaws on the doors.

Like the Iams dog tail wrap, having the jaws of the shark on the doors adds an animated element to the design. Overall, the vinyl wrap is attention-grabbing and memorable for everyone that sees it or enters the bus.


  1. Iberia airport wrap

The Spanish airline Iberia has used this vinyl sign of a bull fighting Matador above a luggage return conveyor belt.

In the sign, the Matador’s red cape is held over the pre-existing entrance to the luggage return. This creates a brilliant effect and is a fantastic example of how you can use your existing objects and the space around you to produce some truly creative designs.


  1. Giraffe lamppost wrap

This sign uses a vinyl wrap of giraffe skin around a lamppost, which then blends into posters for the zoo.

Like the Iberia airport wrap, this sign uses existing objects to produce a unique design. This wrap also teaches us to see the space around us in a different way, and look for opportunities that you may miss.


  1. Colour window display

Pairing vinyl window signs with props are used in this window display to create a textured and 3D design.

With bold, eye-catching colours, this window display is incredibly attention-grabbing. Using vinyl signs to create attention-grabbing window displays is a great way of drawing the customer’s interest to the store and encouraging them to enter.


  1. Store opening hours

Simple and effective, this vinyl window sign is used to display the store’s opening hours.

Although the design is simple, this sign shows how vinyl can be used for practical reasons.

In addition to opening times, vinyl signs can be used inside a building to give directions, such as to a meeting room, stairs or toilets.


  1. Astonia Van Wrap

This Astonia vinyl van wrap is used to promote its products while on the road.

By making an impression on everyone who sees it, vinyl wraps on vehicles are a great way of strengthening your brand identity, awareness and attracting new customers.


  1. Snake bus wrap

Used to advertise a zoo, this vinyl wrap makes it look like a snake is encircling and crushing the bus.

The optical illusion created by this bus shows how you can use vinyl wraps and signs to make some truly eye-catching, memorable, and creative signs.


  1. Indoor vinyl décor

By using vinyl signs indoors, this business has created some attention-grabbing and memorable décor.

Having plain white walls throughout your building creates an uninspiring, boring and unmemorable space for your business.

This example shows how vinyl signs can be used to counter plain walls and produce a creative décor in line with the company’s branding.


  1. Playtype sale window vinyl.

With a simple and effective design, the Playtype window vinyl showcases a creative way to advertise a sale.

Making use of the space, the sign is missing half of the word gone, to make it seem as if the writing is moving down the window. Not only is this attention-grabbing, it also creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to act.



Vinyl wraps and signs can be used in many creative and innovative ways.

From our ten favourite signs and wraps, we’ve learnt the important of looking at the space you have and using it to produce creative solutions unique to your business.  With endless possibilities, the only limit is your imagination.

To see what vinyl wraps and signs can do for your business, get in touch today.



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